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Dental Documentation Service - SDO: Coordinating Center of the National Information Network on Oral Health Sciences.

Collaborating Center of the Brazilian Information Network on Health Sciences.

Rosaly Favero Krzysanowski

Director of the Dental Documentation Service of the Dental School of São Paulo State University




The SDO was originally a library of the old Pharmacy, Dental and Obstetrics School, which was attached to the São Paulo State University (USP) in 1934 bearing the name of Pharmacy and Dental School. In 1962, when the two schools were detached, the library was named Dental Documentation Section. By keeping technical and bibliographical resources which are considered essential within dental literature, the library extended its services to the other Brazilian libraries of the same field, automatically turning itself into a National Information Center on Dentistry. From 1985 on, it was called Dental Documentation Service. In 1990, in a covenant with the Regional Library of Medicine (BIREME) of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and USP, SDO became a Collaborating Center on a national level in the field of Oral Health Sciences of the Latin American and Caribbean Information Network on Health Sciences/BIREME/PAHO/WHO, due to the financial support from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation (project approved in 1991).

SDO has developed its activities (mainly regarding the automation of exchange and infrastructure services with the country's dental libraries - 6 basic nucleus) to provide Oral Health Sciences' researchers with constant, agile service where and when information is available. In order to accomplish that, SDO became, in 1992, the Coordinating Center of the National Information Network on Oral Health Sciences , improving the publishing of the Brazilian Dentistry Bibliography, published in 1970, and collaborating with BIREME/Latin American Health Sciences Literature (LILACS) database. It cooperates also with USP/DEDALUS Bibliographical Data Bank and with the National Collective Catalogue of Newspapers/IBICT.

National Information Network on Oral Health Sciences

In 1992, the creation of the National Information Network on Oral Health Sciences, under the sponsorship of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and with technical support from BIREME, OPAS, WHO, has guaranteed a more agile, constant service to researchers in the field of oral health sciences. It is divided in six basic nucleus, which are called collaborating libraries. It's possible to easily locate and include scientific documents (produced in different regions of Brazil, in the field of Dentistry) in LILACS and BBO database, where the aim is to speed research service, where and when users need. To supply this demand, the search services in the SDO and in its nucleus were computerized, using MEDLINE's and LILACS' database through CD-ROMs access, as well as the adoption of BIREME's on-line COMUT system at the information exchange service, and the acquisition of fax machines. Nucleus' personnel are qualified through training with SDO librarians and through BIREME courses. This cooperative effort is multiplying responsibilities at the retrieval, indexing and dissemination of national literature.

Basic Nucleus (Collaborating Libraries) of the National m Information Network on Oral Health Sciences

Library of the Dental School of Araçatuba

Dental Library of the Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG

Júlio de Mesquita University of the State of São Paulo - UNESP

Library of the Dental School of the Federal University of Paraná - UFPR

Dental Library of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS

Library of the Dental School of the Federal University of Bahia - UFBA

Library of the Dental School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ


São Paulo Dental School

The Dental Documentation Service of the Dental School of USP has been publishing, since 1966/69, the Brazilian Dental Bibliography (BBO), which records and divulges the bibliographical production of national authors, taking into account the scarce representation of Brazilian literature among international bibliographies of this kind.

In 1990, with BIREME/USP covenant, SDO adopted a methodology created by BIREME for the construction of LILACS database at the processing of documents published from 1986 on.

At BBO's base, books, papers, folders, reprints and periodical publications are listed, as well as articles of national authors published in foreign and/or non-specialized magazines, without any selection criteria, in order to obtain the National Memory in Dentistry.

With the W. K. Kellogg Foundation financial support and BIREME technical support the volumes 11 (1986/1990), 12 (1991) and 13 (1992) from LILACS database were generated.

At the information nucleus one can obtain papers, scientific and technical production, the latest information on Aids and a large collection of literature.

Database also embodies:


Database on papers produced at the Dental School of São Paulo State University (FOUSP), 1985


Scientific and Technical Production of FOUSP, 1985

Outside, in CD-ROM:


International scientific literature, covering the field of Health Sciences, including the Medicus Index, Index to Dental Literature and Nursing Index, since 1966;


Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature, since 1982


International literature covering AIDS related themes, since 1992


National Collective Catalogue on Health Sciences. Also "on-line"(local network) with SDO's library.

Map of the Computerized Local Network

SDO's computerized local network was introduced in 1992/93, using LAN Manager software to setup MICROISIS applications for database on books, periodical publications, papers, academic production (PRODONT) and Brazilian Dental Bibliography (BBO).

Mailing Address:

Av. Lineu Prestes, 2227 Cidade Universitária "Armando Salles Oliveira"

Zip Code: 05508-900 São Paulo SP Brazil

Fax: (55) (11) 814-9281 Telex: (55) (11) 36950 Phone: (55) (11) 813-6944

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