Who we are

Contributors to TCLocal are people living in and around Tompkins County, New York, who are committed to helping prepare for a future with less available energy. Specifically, each Contributor commits to researching and writing at least one article on a subject relating to our local response to energy descent. The pieces thus produced are published monthly on the tclocal.org web site in a format that enables members of the community to comment on the article and contribute to its eventual revision. There are also a few Contributors (such as the Editor) who provide services to the effort in lieu of articles.

How to contribute

Articles appearing at tclocal.org are published under the Creative Commons license and are owned and managed by the members of TCLocal as a group. People interested in becoming TCLocal Contributors should first read the Terms of Reference at


and then contact one of the TCLocal officers below to sign up.

Tom Shelley
Chair, TCLocal

Jon Bosak
Editor, TCLocal

Bethany Schroeder
Secretary, TCLocal

What to contribute

A list of topics so far identified can be found at


The topics listed are considered priorities, but the group will consider proposals to address any subject concerning local responses to energy descent.