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Home Web page of Arthur R. Butz

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA

© A.R. Butz 1996,1997

I am the author of the book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (1976), a work of "Holocaust revisionism".

This Web site exists for the purpose of expressing views that are outside the purview of my role as an Electrical Engineering faculty member. The material will be continually updated and revised, but will always have an emphasis on Holocaust revisionism.

It is intended to keep this Web site relatively simple, at least as far as this home page appears to the reader. For much more on Holocaust revisionism the reader can start with the Web site of Greg Raven, President of the parent company of my publisher.

Images and pictures will be used only when specifically supportive of the exposition, since they slow things down considerably for the reader coming through a modem.

The initial aim of this site, as inaugurated on 7 May 1996, is to present my article A short introduction to the study of Holocaust revisionism, published in 1991 in the Daily Northwestern, with supplementing commentary and documentation.

A second aim is to present, from time to time, new material likely to be appreciated only by advanced students of Holocaust revisionism.

A third aim is to present news items of particular interest to Holocaust revisionists.

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