Bradys Episodes

"The Bradys" ran from February 9 through March 2, 1990, on CBS. In this time one television movie and four hour-long episodes were produced. Cast members included Robert Reed (Mike Brady), Florence Henderson (Carol Brady), Ann B. Davis (Alice), Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Leah Ayres (Marcia Brady), Christopher Knight (Peter Brady), Eve Plumb (Jan Brady), Mike Lookinkand (Bobby Brady), Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady), Jerry Houser (Wally Logan), Ron Kuhlman (Philip Covington III), Ken Michelman (Gary Greenberg), Caryn Richman (Nora Brady), Martha Quinn (Tracy Brady), Jaclyn Bernstein (Jessica Logan), Michael Melby (Mickey Logan), Jonathan Weiss (Kevin Brady), and Valerie Ick (Patty Covington).


1. "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" (two-hour TV movie)

Directed by Bruce Bilson
Written by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd J. Schwartz

Carol (Henderson) and Mike (Reed) Brady, once the proud parents of six children, now are also the grandparents of three. With the children and their families spread out over the country, Carol is a working woman of the '90s, holding a job as a high-powered real-estate agent, while Mike still continues as a successful architect.

The youngest Brady son, Bobby (Lookinland), has decided to be a professional race car driver and has, in fact, qualified for the Nashville 500. On race day, Bradys all over the country arrange their schedules so that they can see the live event on television. Obstetricians Greg (Williams) and wife Nora (Richman) watch from a delivery room. Marcia (Ayres), husband Wally (Houser) and their two children (Bernstein and Melby), who have just moved in with Mike and Carol because Wally has lost his job, catch it from the Brady living room, where Alice (Davis) joins them. Peter (Knight) watches from his office alone, since he has just broken off his engagement to Valerie, and Jan (Plumb) and husband Philip (Kuhlman) watch from a cruise ship. Carol, Mike and Cindy (Olsen), now a disc jockey, travel to Nashville to cheer Bobby on from the stands.

The green flag is up -- and the Brady family members watch in horror as Bobby's car is involved in a fiery accident. Hospital tests later reveal that his legs are paralyzed and he may never walk again. The arrival of his old girlfriend from college, Tracy (Quinn), helps to lift Bobby's spirit. While Bobby convalesces, the growing Brady bunch prepares for two new additions...

Mary Cadorette (Valerie)
Lenny Garner (Howie)
Richard Herkert (Dr. Stevens)
Sheila Shaw (Maxine)
Hope Juber (Erica Hopkins)
Jack Stauffer (Track Paramedic)
Greg Collins (Track Security Guard)
John Wheeler (Joe Fletcher)
Kim Maxwell (Lisa)
Darcy De Moss (Donna)
Dinah Lenney (Laura)
Jeffrey J. Nowinski (Steve)
Barbara Mallory (Mrs. Powell)
Nick Toth (Mr. Powell)
Leonard Ross (Man)
Stu Nahan (Track Announcer)
Dabbs Greer (The Minister)

2. "A Moving Experience"

Directed by Bob Sweeney
Written by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd J. Schwartz

In the premiere episode, the Bradys are given six months to move before the wrecking ball destroys their family home. In an attempt to rally the neighborhood in a fight against City Hall, Mike gives a moving speech which becomes his entree into the world of politics.

Meanwhile, Cindy and her widowed boss, Gary, who has two children, decide to make a try at a relationship, and Greg accepts a position at the hospital where he was born and moves his family back into the Brady fold.

Jerry Hauck (Borden)
Herbert Edelman (Gene Dickinson)
Pat Crawford Brown (Mabel)
Aaron Lustig (Meadows)
Dyana Ortelli (Wallach)
Philip Glasser (Jake)
Jennifer Kolcher (Carly)

3. "Hat in the Ring"

Directed by Nancy Malone
Written by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd J. Schwartz

As the "Mike Brady for City Council" campaign kicks into overdrive, Mike's political future is nearly squelched due to a blackmail attempt by an overzealous campaign manager for the competition, Gene Dickinson.

With the polls ready to close, the Brady family gathers at a "victory" party, anxiously awaiting the final voting tabulations. And the winner is....

Charlie Spradling (Teri Dickinson)
Herbert Edelman (Gene Dickinson)
Dyana Ortelli (Wallach)
Aaron Lustig (Meadows)
Jerry Hauck (Borden)
Fran Ryan (Housewife)
Joe Lucas (Delivery Man)
Frank Devol (Man #2)
Jay Arlen Jones (Foreman)
Lauren Sinclair (Ginger)
David Sage (Glen Martinson)
Fred Holliday (Leo)

4. "Bottoms Up"

Feeling inadequate as a wife and mother, Marcia turns to alcohol. She manages to keep her drinking problem a secret until she embarrasses the family during a groundbreaking ceremony for a project designed by Mike.

5. "The Party Girls"

Directed by Dick Martin

A series of small arguments develops into a bitter feud between Greg and Peter, who soon stop speaking to each other.

Meanwhile, Marcia, Nora and Tracy decide to enter the business world. With some financial help from Mike and Carol they form a catering company called "The Party Girls."