Brady Bunch House



Blueprints of the Bradys' house:

First floor Second floor/Attic

That was a real house chosen solely for its appearance to represent the Bradys' suburban lifestyle. It is in California's San Fernando Valley (northwest of downtown Los Angeles). Because of the Valley's nebulous community boundaries, the house is alternately listed as being in either Studio City or North Hollywood.

Built in 1959, it's actually a split-level and not the spacious two-story structure the show would suggest. To give the effect of a full second floor, a fake window was attached to the house's A-frame section before the various establishing shots were filmed.

According to Sept. 26, 1994, Los Angeles Times article by staff writer David E. Brady (yes, that's his real name) the house is still there--although somewhat less recognizable because of the plant growth and a brick-and-wrought-iron fence installed around the front yard.

He wrote:

"In the spring of 1969, as crews were preparing to shoot the show's first episodes for a fall debut, the call went out for a suitable Brady dwelling.

"Louise Weddington Carson was newly widowed, living alone in the two-bedroom house that Luther B. Carson had designed and built for the couple 10 years earlier on a sprawling Valley lot. Construction of the Ventura Freeway had forced them from their previous home." . . .

"In February, 1973, during the show's fourth season, the widowed Carson found the house too large and sold it to Violet and George McCallister.

"After 21 years in the famous home, Violet McCallister--now a widow--has become reticent about revealing her address, fearing an increase in the number of fans and tour buses that still visit her quiet street from time to time.

"Most fans are respectful of her privacy, McCallister said, although the looky-loos trespassing to peek into the Bradys' living room--which existed only on a Paramount sound stage--caused her to build a fence around the front yard a few years ago."

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