Brady Kids Episodes

"The Brady Kids" ran from September 9, 1972, through August 31, 1974. In this time 22 half-hour episodes were produced. Voices included Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter), Eve Plumb (Jan), Mike Lookinland (Bobby), Susan Olsen (Cindy), Larry Storch (Marlon, Mop Top), and Jane Webb (Ping and Pong).


"The Brady Kids," a new half-hour animated series, centers on the comedy antics of the popular young stars of Paramount Television's "The Brady Bunch."

Originating from their tree-top clubhouse, the various episodes revolve around the kids' lives at school, their romances and fun-filled adventures as a leading rock group.

The Brady Kids in their animated form will have new friends and pets. Two of their pets are Mop Top, a dog, who whistles his "narrative" a la Harpo Marx, and Marlon, a magical mynah bird, who spends a great deal of his time practicing ventriloquism and impersonations.

The series also features a group of magical characters, who more often than not, complicate the daily lives of the Brady Kids.

Starring as the voices of the kids are Barry Williams as Greg, Maureen McCormick as Marcia, Christopher Knight as Peter, Eve Plumb as Jan, Mike Lookinland as Bobby and Susan Olsen as Cindy.

"The Brady Kids" is under the creative control of Sherwood Schwartz, executive producer and creator of Paramount's "The Brady Bunch."

The series is produced by Filmation in association with Paramount Television.


1. "Jungle Bungle," Part I
2. "Jungle Bungle," Part II

In "Jungle Bungle," the Brady Kids -- Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby -- along with Mop Top, their dog, enter a balloon race at the local carnival. But something goes wrong and the balloon takes the group to a strange, far-away island inhabited by the most eccentric characters the kids have ever seen.

It is on this island that the Bradys meet a host of colorful new friends who will become regulars in "The Brady Kids" series. Among them are Marlon, a magical mynah bird whose talents include ventriloquism and impersonations; Ping and Pong, two pandas who speak only Chinese, and Father Nature, who, henpecked by his wife, Mother Nature, has taken over her responsibilities, causing earth- shaking chaos.

The Bradys, caught up in their exciting new adventures, come to the realization that they face an overwhelming problem -- how do they get back home?

The "Jungle Bungle" episode features the six young stars of Paramount Television's nighttime series, "The Brady Bunch," in their animated forms and voicing their own roles.

The script was written by Marc Richards. "The Brady Kids" series is produced by Filmation in association with Paramount Television.

3. "Double Trouble"

"The Brady Kids," featuring the six young stars of Paramount Television's "The Brady Bunch," in their animated forms and voicing their own roles, begins its first season of telecasts.

The half-hour series originating from the kids' treehouse, revolves around the Bradys' lives at school, their romances, and the fun of being the leading local rock group.

Besides the Brady Kids -- Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby -- and their dog, Mop Top, other regulars in the series include Marlon, a magical mynah bird whose talents include ventriloquism and impersonations, and Ping and Pong, two pandas who speak only Chinese.
In the episode "Double Trouble," Bobby inadvertently wishes aloud that he was Clint Flint, the he-man movie star. Marlon uses his magical powers and the wish comes true, except for Bobby's voice. The unsettling things that happen to Bobby at school are nothing compared to what happens when Bobby and the other Brady Kids, along with Mop Top, Marlon, Ping and Pong, descend upon the movie studio where Clint Flint is supposed to be working.

The Brady Kids sing "Ain't It Crazy?"

"Double Trouble" was written by Marc Richards and directed by Hal Sutherland.

4. "Long Gone Silver"

Bobby wishes his new Lone Ranger Fan Club pin was real silver so Marlon, the magical mynah, obliges -- only the silver turns out to be the Lone Ranger's horse by that name -- on "The Brady Kids."

In "Long Gone Silver," the Lone Ranger and Tonto come looking for the faithful steed. They join the Brady Kids in trying to find help to get Silver out of the kids' treehouse. Their first trouble occurs when the police arrest the Lone Ranger and Tonto on suspicion of being the Masquerade Gang, a duo that operates in various disguises.

5. "Cindy's Super Friend"

Cindy meets mild-mannered Clark Kent and the Brady Kids are teamed with him to paint a bank building during the city's "Paint-Up" week on "The Brady Kids."

In "Cindy's Super Friend," the wily Toulouse La Trick and his henchman Igor substitute delayed-action invisible paint so that when the bank becomes invisible they can rob it. Little do they realize that Clark Kent can change into Superman any time he can find a telephone booth.

6. "Pop Goes the Mynah"

Marlon, the magical mynah bird, accompanies the Brady Kids to a soda pop plant and gets sealed into a can and taken away to market on "The Brady Kids."

In "Pop Goes the Mynah," the Bradys offer a reward for Marlon's return. However, the bird falls into the clutches of Sleazy Sam, the confidence man, and his henchman, Knuckles, who plan to make a fortune off the talking bird in show business.

7. "Who Was That Dog...?"

The Brady Kids enter their dog Mop Top and their pandas, Ping and Pong, in a pet show in "Who Was That Dog...?" on the animated half-hour series, "The Brady Kids."

Marlon, the magical mynah bird, think competing in a pet show is beneath his dignity, but goes along as a spectator. When he inadvertently casts some magic spells, he becomes very much a part of the action.

8. "It Ain't Necessarily Snow"

Greg accepts Chuck's challenge to a ski race at the winter carnival on "The Brady Kids."

In "It Ain't Necessarily Snow," things look bad for Greg, as he can barely stand up on skis, while Chuck is somewhat of an expert. The assistance of Marlon, the magical mynah bird, doesn't help matters.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

9. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the End Zone"

The Brady Kids pick up what they think is their lost football, but it turns out to be a spaceship containing three tiny men from Venus on "The Brady Kids."

In "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the End Zone," the Venusians get separated from their spaceship, make friends with the Brady Kids, and they all join in an adventurous search for the missing vehicle.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

10. "That Was No Worthy Opponent, That Was My Sister"

Greg learns that his opponents in the student council election are his sister Marcia and his nemesis, Chuck, on "The Brady Kids."

In "That Was No Worthy Opponent, That Was My Sister," Chuck alters Greg's campaign poster at the printers in a way that makes Greg look ridiculous, but Greg thinks its his sister Marcia who has stooped to dirty politics.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

11. "You Took the Words Right Out of My Tape"

Peter's tape recorder, without his knowledge, picks up a conversation between two men planning to steal the crown jewels of Domania, soon to arrive in town for an exhibit, on "The Brady Kids."

In "You Took the Words Right Out of My Tape," the Brady Kids and their pets -- Mop Top the dog, Marlon, the magical mynah bird, and the two pandas, Ping and Pong -- are at the dock when the ship bearing the crown jewels arrives, on the lookout for anything suspicious. Mop Top, separated from the others, surprises the thieves in the act of stealing the jewels.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

12. "Give Me a Home Where the Panda Bears Roam and the Dog and the Mynah Bird Play"

The Brady Kids and their pets help Fleetwood's uncle conduct a cattle drive on "The Brady Kids."

In "Give Me a Home Where the Panda Bears Roam and the Dog and the Mynah Bird Play," the kids discover that the cattle herd consists of one cow. However, it is marked for rustling by two grizzled old-timers, Sagebrush and Tumbleweed.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

13. "It's All Greek to Me"

The Brady Kids, their pets and Wonder Woman are transported to ancient Greece where the kids compete in the Olympic Games on "The Brady Kids."

In "It's All Greek to Me," the kids beat the Greek athletes in the qualifying heat of the Marathon run. However, Wonder Woman points out that they should disqualify themselves, for it they win the race itself, they will be changing history.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

14. "The Big Time"

Nearly everyone in town whips up an act when a nationally televised talent show is scheduled to originate from the Brady Kids' home town, on the animated comedy series, "The Brady Kids."

In "The Big Time," the Brady Kids' hopes of winning with their musical group are dashed when Cindy, dreaming of stardom, decides to go it alone with a singing and dancing act. The other kids just can't find an adequate replacement.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

15. "Marlon's Birthday Party"

The Brady Kids' pet, Marlon the magical mynah bird, transports himself back to King Arthur's court and inadvertently causes Merlin, the king's magician, to appear in the Brady Kids' treehouse on "The Brady Kids."

In "Marlon's Birthday Party," Merlin's first effort to make himself feel at home in the 20th century is to change automobiles into horse-drawn vehicles, causing widespread nervousness.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

16. "The Richest Man in the World"

The Brady Kids take in a shabby and apparently penniless derelict, unaware that he's Nick L. Dime, the world's richest man, on "The Brady Kids."

In "The Richest Man in the World," Bobby keeps finding the fingerprints of Mr. Dime with his detective kit and is eager to collect the reward for information as to the missing billionaire's whereabouts.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

17. "Wings"

The Brady Kids and their pets take a wrong turn during a road rally and wind up at the home of the elderly Wrong brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who are busy inventing the airplane in "Wings," on "The Brady Kids."

The kids are unable to leave because the Wrongs take parts from their car for their airplanes. In the dead of night, Ping and Pong, the two Chinese pandas, take off in a hand-propelled airplane for help.

Teleplay by Marc Richards.

18. "Frankincense"


19. "Teacher's Pet"


20. "Marcia's Lib"


21. "Ceiling Zero"


22. "Who Believes in Ghosts?"


(Voice of Greg in "The Brady Kids")

Barry Williams, the voice of Greg on "The Brady Kids," has become one of the most popular teen-age performers on television.

Before signing for the role of Greg in "The Brady Bunch," he had appeared on such TV series as "The F.B.I.," "That Girl," "The Mod Squad," "Gomer Pyle, USMC," "Dragnet" and "The Invaders," and was seen as Jack in the daytime series, "General Hospital." He has also appeared on Paramount Television's "Mission: Impossible" and "Marcus Welby, M.D."

Barry is the youngest of three boys. His brothers, Scott and Craig, as college students in Santa Monica, California. His father, Frank, is owner and manager of three credit bureaus. His mother's name is Doris.

Prior to becoming a full-time actor, Barry earned his spending money working in a riding stable and as a paper boy.

He lives in Pacific Palisades, California and enjoys all sports including water skiing, baseball, tennis and football.


BIRTHPLACE: Santa Monica, Calif.
BIRTHDATE: Sept. 30, 1954
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue

(Voice of Marcia in "The Brady Kids")

Maureen McCormick truly enjoys the role of Marcia, the oldest sister, in "The Brady Kids."

In real life, Maureen is the youngest and only daughter of Richard and Irene McCormick. She has three older brothers, Michael, Kevin and Dennis.

Maureen made her acting debut in the 1964 La Jolla Playhouse production of "Wind It Up and It Breaks." Numerous television appearances followed.

She has appeared in such TV series as "Bewitched," "I Dream of Jeannie," "My Three Sons," "The Farmer's Daughter," "Honey West" and "Camp Runamuck." She has done between 40 and 50 commercials. In one, she was heard as the "Peanuts" character Peppermint Patty.

Maureen lists her favorite school subjects as English, Art and Music. Her hobbies include singing, ice-skating, swimming, dancing and playing the guitar.


BIRTHPLACE: Encino, California
BIRTHDATE: August 5, 1956
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue

(Voice of Peter in "The Brady Kids")

The role of Peter, middle boy in a family of six on "The Brady Kids," is familiar ground for Christopher Knight. Off-camera he is the second oldest of the four children of Edward and Wilma Knight. He has an older brother, Mark, a younger sister, Lisa, and a younger brother, David.

Chris first became interested in acting when he spent time visiting his actor father backstage at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, California. He loves imitating his father, who was portraying McDuff in "Macbeth." Since then he has become quite a Shakespeare buff and says "Macbeth" is still his favorite play.

He made his first professional appearance in a national television commercial. He handled the job like a seasoned professional and numerous appearances followed.

His TV credits include "Mannix," "Gunsmoke," and "Bonanza." He also appears in the feature film "The Narrow Chute," starring Don Murray.

His many interests include the guitar, water-skiing, baseball, football and chess.


BIRTHDATE: November 7, 1957
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel

(Voice of Jan in "The Brady Kids")

Eve Plumb, the voice of Jan, the middle girl, in "The Brady Kids," may weigh in at under 75 pounds, but she's a real heavyweight when it comes to talent.

Eve is the daughter of Neely and Flora Plumb. She has been acting since she was six. Flora, her older sister, is also a successful actress and a graduate of the UCLA dramatic arts department. Her brother, Ben, is a Harvard graduate who is working in a food program in Brazil.

Since beginning her professional career in 1964, she has appeared on many of the major network television shows. Among her credits are appearances on "Mannix," "It Takes a Thief," "Adam-12," "In Name Only" and "House on Green Apple Road." She has done over forty commercials.

A member of the Jimmy Joyce children's chorus, she has appeared with them numerous times on television and has done several recordings with the group, including the theme for "Oh Dad, Poor Dad......."

Eve plays the guitar, sings and is studying ballet. Her favorite sports are swimming and soccer.


BIRTHPLACE: Burbank, Calif.
BIRTHDATE: April 29, 1958
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue

(Voice of Bobby in "The Brady Kids")

Michael Lookinland, who made his television acting debut as the youngest male member of Paramount Television's "The Brady Bunch," is typical boy, both on and off the screen. An accurate description of him and his role of Bobby is "torn pants, skinned knees, and pockets full of junk."

Mike is the middle child of Paul and Karen Lookinland. His father is the registrar at a high school in the San Fernando Valley. He has an older sister, Teresa, and a younger brother, Todd. The family lives in San Pedro, California.

His TV credits include two appearances on "The Jonathan Winters Show" and 14 commercials. He recently appeared in the Disney film "Dead Man's Bayou."

Mike is a member of the Cub Scouts and lists his favorite things as football, basketball and fishing. His hobby is making model airplanes.

Mike sings and plays the piano and organ. He and his family have formed a folk singing group, performing for benefits and charities. His ambition is to be an architect and design his own home.


BIRTHPLACE: Mt. Pleasant, Utah
BIRTHDATE: December 19, 1960
HAIR: Sandy
EYES: Gray

(Voice of Cindy in "The Brady Kids")

Susan Olsen, who gives voice to Cindy, youngest of "The Brady Kids," is also the youngest in her real-life family. She has two older brothers, Larry and Christopher, and an older sister, Diane. All of the Olsen children have acted, but Susan is the only one working professionally now.

Blonde, blue-eyed Susan made her professional acting debut in January of 1968 in a segment of the "Ironside" series. Roles on "Gunsmoke" and "Julia" followed. She has also appeared in numerous television commercials and recently completed a feature film for Disney Studios called "The Boy Who Stole the Elephant."

Susan lives in Tarzana, California. She is the proud owner of a Siberian husky named Tanuck, two Persian cats, Princess and Tippy, and two desert tortoises, Hildegard and Jumbo.


BIRTHPLACE: Santa Monica, Calif.
BIRTHDATE: August 14, 1961
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue