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From: David A Koran (jedi+@CMU.EDU)
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Subject: TEXT: LucasArts Letter
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 21:47:52 -0400
Organization: Junior, Social & Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA
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Here is the full text, minus the really cool letterhead of the LucasArts cease and desist order. This is being posted as a public service announcement so that future WWW and FTP sites won't fall to the same fate. BTW, this weekend I was planning to finish the site, I had about 50 megs of audio and a bunch of pictures and text to put up... what a waste...

------Message Begins Here------

LucasArts Entertainment Company

P.O. Box 10307                                    [LucasArts Logo Picture]
San Rafael, CA 94912
Fax 415.721.3342
October 2, 1995


Mr. David Koran
P.O. Box 3188
1000 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-3899

Re: Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Dear Mr. Koran:

Please be advised that LucasArts Entertainment Company has learned that you are making its copyrighted and trademarked materials (together with those of its affiliated companies Lucasfilm Ltd. and Lucas Digital Ltd.) available on the Internet, and that you have established one or more World Wide Web sites that purport to represent the Lucas companies. Please be advised further that such unauthorized uses of such materials constitute (among other things) copyright and trademark infringement and are actionable under state and federal laws.

LucasArts Entertainment Company, on behalf of itself and its parent and affiliated companies, hereby demands that you immediately cease and desist from any and all unauthorized use of it's proprietary property (or that of its parent or affiliated companies), and that you provide LucasArts immediately with written assurances that you will comply with this demand. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, LucasArts hereby demands that you immediately (i) shut down any and all World Wide Web sites or other Internet activities related to the Lucas companies and (ii) provide a written description to LucasArts of all such activities in which you have engaged to date.

This shall not be deemed a waiver of any claims at law or in equity which LucasArts Entertainment Company and/or its parent or affiliated companies may have against any party with respect to the foregoing. I look forward to your immediate response and cooperation.

Very truly yours,


Robert S. Roden
General Counsel and
Director of Business Affairs


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