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Part One

What Does This Have to Do With Me?

All this may seem fine and good, but what does this have to do with you? Like most people, you may have never even seen a UNIX computer and wouldn't know how to begin to use it. But chances are that you use a UNIX computer before without knowing it and probably quite often.

Close to 100 percent of email servers are UNIX machines -- when you send email to, you are sending a message to the user "john" at the machine named "email" at UNC. Also, if you check your email, you are using a UNIX system (the menu makes it easy.) It looks like the following to you:

Also, this web page is resident on a UNIX web server, so by downloading it, you have used a UNIX machine indirectly, and if you have an Internet Service Provider, then you are most likely dialing into a UNIX computer.

As you can see, UNIX has really become important in the Internet Age. While it used to be the tool of computer scientists only, it is now a networking tool for the masses. Check out the other rest of this site to learn how to get more from UNIX.

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