Quotes by William Sleator:

"Everybody thought I was a genius. I did nothing to correct this impression."

"Almost from the very beginning, I was fascinated by the grotesque and macabre."

"I saw that if I was going to make my living as a writer, I was going to have to begin making things up."

"Fortunately, most of my friends have started speaking to me again."

"That's the greatest thing about science fiction - someday it could actually happen."

"One of the best things about being a writer is that it's a job without a lot of stress."

"I shouldn't ever run out of ideas - knock on wood - since the universe is full of great things like strange attractors and the Mandlebrot set."

"It really does, you know. That's not science fiction. It's a fact."

"So there was my first novel, Blackbriar, handed right to me."

"I want kids to find out that reading is the best entertainment there is."

Quotes in William Sleator's books:

"The whirring around them had been going on for quite a long time."
House of Stairs

"It was crazy Al who told us about the beasties."
The Beasties

"I still think you're crazy," I tell Tim.
The Night the Heads Came

"I'm telling you, there's more history to this house than any other place on Indian Neck, and that's the truth."
Interstellar Pig

It was my twin brother, Barry, who wanted to go to the house - and Barry knew how to get what he wanted.

Quotes about William Sleator:

"William Sleator probably is the most important science fiction author for adolescents."

"His stories always sound as if at least they could happen."

William Sleator

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