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Symphony II

Please perform the following procedures while the car is parked. Otherwise you risk getting into an accident while your attention is not focused on the driving.

Entering anti-theft code

The Symphony II radio has "Smart coding", which makes it unnecessary to enter a code to unlock the radio as long as the radio is installed in the car that it belongs to, even after disconnecting and reconnecting battery power. If you are installing a Symphony II radio in a different car than the one it came in, you must enter the code to unlock the radio.

The following is the procedure to re-activate the radio if the display shows "SAFE". It is important that the procedure be followed in the correct order.

  1. Turn on radio. The radio display shows "SAFE".
  2. Press the AS and RDS buttons simultaneously and hold until "1000" shows on the display. Release the buttons. Do NOT press these buttons again, otherwise the radio will consider "1000" to be the code.
  3. Use Preset buttons 1 ... 4 to enter the four-digit code number from your radio card. Preset button 1 corresponds to the first digit, Preset button 2 corresponds to the second digit, etc. Each press of the button increments the number by 1.
  4. Once the code shown on the display is correct, press the AS and RDS buttons simultaneously and hold until the word "SAFE" appears in the display, then release the buttons.
  5. The radio should unlock and be usable shortly afterwards.
  6. If an incorrect code is entered, the word "SAFE" appears, first flashing and then continuously. You can repeat the above steps to unlock the radio once more, the number of attempts will be shown in the display. If an incorrect code is entered again, you radio will be locked for about one hour. After one hour - the radio must stay on and the key must remain in the ignition lock - if the display goes out, the you can repeat the above procedure to unlock again. The cycle - two attempts, one hour lock-up - still applies.
  7. If you lose your radio code, contact your Audi dealer.

Standard/Bose and other configuration modes

You can program the Symphony II radio to use either the standard or the Bose equalization setting, as well as a few other basic configurations. This requires the use of a VAG-1551, VAG-1552 or equivalent scan tool (See VAG-COM or ProDiag). Knowledge of the usage of such a scan tool is assumed.

  1. Connect scan tool to the car's OBD-II diagnotic port.
  2. Turn on ignition and radio, select Radio Controller in scan tool.
  3. The radio shows "DIAG" in the display.
  4. Select "Recode Module". You may enter a 5-digit code according to the table below. For example, "00007" is a standard setting while "00017" is a Bose setting, both with CD changer and secondary display.
  5. Turn off radio and ignition, disconnect scan tool.
  6. Turn on radio to hear the effects. In Bose mode, the radio display will show "BOSE" briefly after turn-on.
1 Country ID (0 = standard)
2 Sound Coordination (0 = standard)
3 Number of passive speakers
0 = No passive speakers (Bose)
1 = Front left (Bose with hands-free phone)
2 = Fronts passive, rears active
5 = Fronts passive, rears non-active
4 Sound System
0 = standard
1 = Bose
5 Radio Configuration
1 = No CD changer
3 = With CD changer
5 = With secondary display
7 = With CD changer and secondary display

Note: Programming the radio to run in Bose mode does not make it a Bose system if it wasn't installed at the factory as such. The Bose system also has an different external amplfier and different speakers.

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