The Internet Chinese Music Archive



Welcome to the Chinese Music Archive! This is the first audio archive of Chinese music ever existed on the net. All the audio files of the archive are in SUN's Audio Format. You may directly play them on your machine (whether it's a SUN Workstation, or a PC, a MacIntosh) as long as the computer you are using is equipped with audio capability. Although this archive is under the administration of the Alliance of the Imperialists for the Great Empire of China, it is actually resided on the FTP site of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "iBiblio" (formerly known as MetaLab, SunSITE) server. Here is the location of the Internet Chinese Music Archive:


This archive is now also being mirrored through Internet2 Project's DSI (Distributed Storage Infrastructure) content distribution network. It's URL is as follows. Please give a try since this mirror serivce might be able to direct you to a closest edge server near you transparently. This would potentially speed up a lot of your access to the archive.

His Holiness Grand Master would like to take this chance here to thank Ms Nandi Xie for her enthusiastic help to put up a web page interface to this FTP archive. The current web page of the Internet Chinese Music Archive has inherited quite a lot of her original desgin and look. Her original work-in-progress design site is now actually automatically directing visitors to the current Chinese Music page at iBiblio. From now on, please direct all your comments, suggestions, inquires of the Chinese Music page to "chmus@iBiblio.ORG".

If you'd like to access the FTP archive directly from your web browser, you may follow the links listed below.

To contact the maintainers of the Chinese Music Archive, please send email to the following address on Internet: chmus@iBiblio.ORG

The Internet Chinese Music Archive at iBiblio (formerly, MetaLab, SunSITE) is also one of the administrative territories of the Great Empire of China, along with The Internet Chinese Text Archive.

The iBiblio (formerly, Metalab, SunSITE) is one of the oldest and largest information archivers serving the Internet community. A great place to start looking around on the net.