The Clips from the Old Movie "Di Dao Zhan"

The Association of Poor Peasants (a.k.a. Pin Xie) of the Great Jia Pi Gou Area proudly presents the Exhibition of Historical Pictures of the organization during the Anti-Japanese War of China in WWII. The current collection set shows the historical records of the "Warfare of Underground Tunnels" (known as Di Dao Zhan in Chinese). Following the teachings of Chairman Mao, the Pin Xie had led this kind of people's war against the Japanese effectively at Gao Jia Zhuang and successfully defeated the Japanese invading many times. If you're old enough to remember the old days, you surely would not miss this opportunity to see them here again.

The Chairman of the Association of Poor Peasants, His Holiness Grand Master Non-Shining (a.k.a. Bu Guang) may be reached for comments and suggestions at the following email address.


Grand Master Bu Guang is also the pioneer and founder of the notorious School of Non-Serious (or Bu Zheng Jing Xue Pai). He is the well-known promoter for the Non-Serious in theory as well as in practice. The basic philosophy of the school is that everything in the world falls into two categories, either Non-Serious or Pseudo-Serious. People who follow the doctrine of the School of Non-Serious love the Non-Serious and despise and laugh at anything Pseudo-Serious.

He also seems to preach people eating Vegetarian Food of Fat Meat.

These are the collection of vedio clips from the old Chinese movie "Di Dao Zhan". If you're old enough to have watched it many times in your childhood during the "Culture Revolution", you might find them very nostalgic.

(All the materials here on this page were originally supplied by His Holiness the Grand Master Non-Shining)

The brillant radiance of the Chairman Mao's Thought lights up in the bottom of our hearts....
Peasants, farmers, millions all armed!
Men and women, old and young, all joined together digging tunnels.
A soldier of the Eighth Route Army's Armed Working Team.
The Japs are coming into the village! Let's hide out into the tunnels!
Pour in the water and pump in the poison gas. Make sure they'll be dead inside the tunnels.
Attention please, all groups! Attention please, all groups! Change your position after each shooting. Do not waste bullets firing into the air.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Damn the Son of A Bitch!
Come out and take a look.
Throw at him a hand grenade.
One hundred of Japs and two hundred of soldiers of the puppet army.
千里大平原展开了游击战, 村与村户与户地道连成片!
A guerrilla war is engaged on the vast prairies. Every village and every home is all connected with hidden tunnels.
侵略者他敢来,打他个人仰马也翻, 全民皆兵全民参战,把侵略者全部消灭完!
If the Jap invaders dare to come, they'll be all destroyed here. As all peasants are joining the war with weapons in hands, no invaders could escape from this land alive.