Selected Photographic Works of His Holiness the Grand Master

Photography has been a serious hobby for the Grand Master recently for quite some time now. However, he may not be thought as one of your usual amateurs. He has been actually quite familiar with photography for more than 15 years. In fact, he used to do all the photography and spectrography about stars, sun, moon, quasars using large telescopes for scientific researches when he was a professional "astrologist". So the stuff is not quite new to him. He just began to pick the stuff back and pointing his camera down at various things, peoples, mountains and rivers on the Earth. His view angle is now just switched from seeking the Truth from the sky above to revealing the Beauty of the beings on the planet. 到目前为止,摄影已经成为国师的一件严肃认真的业余爱好。当然哪,虽然是 “业余”,国师与普通的摄影发烧友相比,还是有所差别。至少,在过去 的十几年里,国师对于照相技术有相当的了解与熟悉。事实上,在国师还 是个一混饭吃的“专业天文学家”的时候,他时不常使用各种大型望远镜 和先进的照相设备,对天上各种他感兴趣的研究对象(比如恒星哪、双星 哪、太阳、月亮、彗星、类星体之类),进行照相与摄谱的观测研究。因 此而言,这些玩意儿对国师来说,还不算太陌生。唯一有所不同的是,他 不再是把照相机对准天空去企图寻求大自然的奥秘与探索真理,国师目前 只是把照相机瞄准地面,期望在他能拥有的业余时间内,尽可能通过胶片 去发现和表达这个星球上的人与自然的美。
Good photos are meant to be shared, to be enjoyed by many people. It is meaningless and ridiculous to hide the photographic works just for the photographer himself. Fortunately in this age of Internet, it is possible to have a web photo album set up to reach a lot of people around the world. Now the Grand Master is doing his very first Exhibition of a few selected works in the cyberspace. Please enter the Exhibition Hall below. 好的摄影作品本来就应该是拿来与大家共享的。摄影家若是把 自己的摄影作品藏起来,毕竟可笑而且毫无意义。幸运的是, 我们生活在这个前所未有的因特网时代,很容易建立起这么一个 网页影集,与全世界各地的朋友分享,真正是所谓“天涯若比 邻”。现在,国师在此选出若干最新的习作,举行他的首届摄 影作品展。欢迎您前往如下展览室参观。

Important Copyright Notice
版  权  声  明


All the photographic works exhibited here are copyrighted by Xiaoyu Li. All rights reserved. You are only allowed to privately view them on your computer via WWW browsers. They may not be downloaded, duplicated, reproduced, published onto any media, or displayed publicly unless you have obtained Xiaoyu Li's permission priorly.

Should you have any questions concerning this, please contact the Grand Master Xiaoyu Li at the following address.

所有在此展出的摄影作品的 版权为大中华帝国国师所有。作者保留一切版权。仅允许您作为个人 使用网络浏览器在您的计算机上欣赏。凡未经大中华帝国国师事先 的认可和特许,任何个人及机构不得下载、复制、拷贝、或以任何媒介 出版发行、或在公开场合展览。


Email: ulysses@leland.Stanford.EDU

(Note: Permission for non-commercial usage usually will be granted upon request as a good will from the Grand Master to all lovers of photographic art.) (请注意:作为对天下所有摄影艺术爱好者的良好愿望, 对一般非商业用途的请求,国师都予以准许。)

Technical Note: All the photos exhibited here are on original slide films. They have been scanned in as 24-bit full color pictures on Nikon's Coolscan slide scanner. To achieve the best picture quality, you'd better view them from 24-bit color monitors (or so-called "TrueColor" monitors) on your computer. You will usually get coarser and darker pictures due to the dithering process done by your web browsers when it tries to simulate 24-bit colors on a 8-bit monitors.

Of course, for the best viewing result, you have to try becoming a good friend of His Holyness Grand Master and come to his Palace and watch the original slides directly from the projector. :-)

技术随笔: 全部展出照片的原片为彩色幻灯正片,用尼康CoolScan幻灯片扫 描机以24节色彩扫描进入计算机。为了达到最好的图象效果,您最好在 24节色彩的显示屏幕(也即所谓的“真色彩”显示屏幕)上观看。凡是 在低于24节色彩的显示屏幕上,一般只能看到较为粗糙和灰暗的失真图 像。

当然,如果想看到最好的视觉效果,您不妨想法成为国师的朋友,有机会 的时候,拜访国师府让他直接从幻灯机放映出来瞧。 :-)

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The Grand Master is currently holding his Second Photography Exhibition on a Chinese language on-line magazine "Guo Feng" (The Folk Wind). The exhibition is named as "A Glimpse of Skimming Light". Please click the following title picture to visit the exhibition. 国师目前正在一个网上杂志 《国风》(中文)上举办他的第二届摄影作品展览。该展主题命名为 “浮光掠影”。 您不妨用鼠标点击如下影展题图前往参观欣赏。

Or if the "Guo Feng" (The Civil Wind) site is too busy to access, you may try the local archive of the Exhibition here. 或者,如果《国风》杂志的伺服机联线太慢,您也可以试试在大中华帝国 本处基地上保存的同一展览的备份

Now you have looked through all the photos here? How do you think of them? By the way, which one do you love the most? You may send your comments and ideas to the Grand Master. 现在,您总算参观完了这里展出的所有摄影作品吧?觉得如何?有 没有什么感想?或者哪一幅您最喜欢?您不妨 跟国师聊聊您的观感与意见。
In the past, the Grand Master has presented his slide shows to quite a lot of friends of his. They were simply amazed in awe and some of them even got motivated to also take photography more serious as a hobby or others vowed to go travelling with him together in the future. Pictures are just more convincing and powerful than words when revealing the beautiful things in the world. 在过去的一些日子里,不少国师的朋友们都直接在幻灯机上欣赏过 他的摄影作品。他们中许多都对摄影作品所能表现出来和美感到无 比的惊讶,有些朋友甚至受到触动启发,也决定心加入到摄影的业 余爱好队伍中来。也有的朋友相约国师 将来一同外 出旅行摄影。不用说,世界上还真没有什么别的东西会比图象 、照片在表现世界的美的方面,更有力量和更具说服力。
So, are you also very crazy about taking pictures like the Grand Master? If you share the same hobby as serious as him, you might want to get in touch with him. You may be able to share your experience and learn from each other. If you just started taking pictures, perhaps you could learn some basics from Kodak's on-line Guide to Better Pictures. Also, this web page of Focus on Photography is also a very good introduction for beginners. Check them out. 那么,您是不觉得您自己也是跟国师一样的摄影发烧友?您若 跟他一样把照相当成一个严肃认真的业余爱好,您不妨 跟国师联系。 您们可以在一起交流经验、相互学习。而您要是刚刚开始,国师这里谨 向您推荐柯达公司的网上摄影指南 《如何照更好的照片》(英文)。另外,这个“黄金峡谷”网页上所载 《摄影焦点》(英文)一文中,也有不少对初学者 很有帮助的简介。

Now, for your continuing adventure into the beautiful world of photography, here are a few good photography galleries which the Grand Master has visited and found interesting. Have a great fun surfing on the net! 您还想继续向美妙的摄影艺术世界的纵深处探索吧?好吧,这里是一些 国师曾经在网上浏览过的线上摄影艺术馆主页,不少属于国师觉得不错 或者很有意思的作品。国师建议您从这里开始,祝您网上冲浪漫游玩得 愉快有趣。

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