Scientific Name: Heteranthera dubia (Jacquin) MacM.

Common Name: Mud Plantain


Submerged, floating or creeping herbs. Leaves linear, 4-8 cm long, 1-4 mm wide, obtuse or acute, sessile. Flower solitary, axillary, exserted from spathe, perianth tube 2-4 cm long, lobes yellow, linear, 4-6 mm long; stamens 3, stigmas capitate, ovary 1 or 3 locular. Fruit a capsule. (n= 15) Sept. Sluggish streams, very rare. Alleghany Co. N.C. [Va., Fla., Miss., Tenn., Ky., W. Va.]
You can see more information on this family, Pontederiaceae, from the DELTA collection, on the Biodiversity and Biological Collections server, at the University of Kansas. To visit their server, use the triangular link below.

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