Scientific Name: Lithospermum canescens (Michaux.) Lehmann.

Common Name: Hoary Poccoon


Plants 1-5 dm tall, arising from a thickened vertical root, stems simple or branched, very leaft, densely canescent-strigose. Lower leaves short, upper ones larger, lanceolate. Cymes 1-3, leafy-bracteate, densely flowered, flowers heterostylic. Calyx lobes 3-6 mm long, very villous; corolla bright yellow to orange, 1-1.5 cm broad, glabrous within at base. Mericarps white, smooth, shining, 2-3 mm long. (n=7,8c) April-May. Roadside banks and dry open woods, rare; Durham and Granville Cos., N.C. [Va., Tenn., Ky., W.Va.]
You can see more information on this family, Boraginaceae, from the DELTA collection, on the Biodiversity and Biological Collections server, at the University of Kansas. To visit their server, use the triangular link below.

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