Scientific Name: Orontium aquaticum L.

Common Name: Golden Club.


Perennial herb, 2-6 dm tall, from a deep, thick rhizome. Leaves in a basal cluster, ovate to elliptic, 1-4 dm long, 4-16 cm wide, acute, obtuse, or mucronate, entire, base widely cuneate, sheaths loose, petioles 1-3 dm long. Spadix golden yellow, cylindric or long-conic; 4-10 cm long, 6-10 mm broad in flower; scape erect in flower, prostrate in fruit, cylindric, 3-5 dm long; spathe basal, sheathing, 1-3 dm long. Flowers perfect, regular. Perianth segments 6 to 4, hooded; stamens 6 to 4; carpel 1, ovary 1-locular. Utricle blue-green with a solitary, globose seed, 6-10 mm in diam. (n=12) March-April. Bogs and acid streams; scattered throughout, most abundant in coastal plain [SE].
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