Scientific Name: Zephyranthes atamasco (L.) Herber.

Common Name: Atamasco Lily.


Bulbous, glabrous, scapose perennials. Leaves linear, sheathing at the base. Flower solitary, terminal, subtended by a tubular sheathing membranous bract which splits open on one side for about 1/2 its length, usually bifurcate at apex by a shorter split; Leaves 2-4 dm long and 3-8 mm wide. Scape 1-2.5 dm tall, pedicel considerably shorter than the spathe, 0.4-1.5 cm long. Perianth parts 6, united, white, rarely pink, campanulate; stamens 6, 5-8 cm long,attached to the perianth tube. Stigmas 3 ,exceeding the stamens by 0.5-2cm. Capsule many-seeded, perianth not persistent. Seeds flat, lustrous black. (n=12) Late March-April; May-June . Low woods and wet meadows, common; coastal plain and lower piedmont. [Va., Ga., Fla., Ala., Miss.]
You can see more information on this family, Amaryllidaceae, from the DELTA collection, on the Biodiversity and Biological Collections server, at the University of Kansas. To visit their server, use the triangular link below.

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