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GRAMMITIDACEAE (Dwarf Polypody Family)

References: Smith in FNA (1993b); Massey et al. (1983).

A family of 5-10 genera and about 500-600 species.

Grammitis Swartz (Dwarf Polypody)

A genus of about 400 species, of tropical regions.

Grammitis nimbata (Jenman) Proctor, Dwarf Polypody. Mt (NC): on ceilings of grottoes in spray cliff of waterfall in humid gorge; rare (US Species of Concern, NC Endangered). Sporophytes (juvenile only) have been found at only a single site in North America, in Macon County, NC. Gametophytes (and/or sporophytes) may be present at other spray cliffs in the escarpment gorges of sw. NC or adjacent SC and GA. Other than this disjunct temperate-zone occurrence, the species is known from Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola. Smith in FNA (1993b) suggests that our species "probably warrants generic status under the name Micropolypodium Hayata, a primarily neotropical genus with representatatives in eastern Asia (Malaysia, China, Sikkim, Taiwan, and Japan)." [= RAB, FNA, K]

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