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PTERIDACEAE (Maidenhair Fern Family)

This page is still under construction, below is a key to the genera that may be useful.

References: Lellinger (1985); Windham in FNA (1993b).

A family of about 40 genera and about 1000 species.

1. Sori round or oblong, distinct and separate along the pinnule margins; leaves bright-green, glabrous, herbaceous, delicate, and flexible......Adiantum

1. Sori continuous along the pinnule margins; leaves mostly dark-green or glaucous, often pubescent, coriaceous, tough, and stiff......2

3. Rachis dark-brown or purple......Pellaea

3. Rachis green or tan......Pteris

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Flora of the Carolinas and Virginia, Working Draft of 27 October 1997 -- KEY TO PTERIDOPHYTE GENERA. Alan S. Weakley. The Nature Conservancy, Southeast Regional Office, Southern Conservation Science Department.