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SALVINIACEAE (Floating Fern Family)

References: Nauman in FNA (1993b).

A family of a single genus and about 10 species.

Salvinia SJguier (Water Spangles)

References: Nauman in FNA (1993b); Lellinger (1985), abbreviated as Z.

A genus of about 10 species, mostly tropical.

*Salvinia minima Baker, Water Spangles. Cp (SC): quiet waters; rare, probably introduced in our area from further south. [= FNA, K, Z; S. auriculata -- S, misapplied]

Several introduced species are also grown in aquaria and pools and may escape, particularly in the southern portion of our area.

S. molesta Mitchell has been reported from Colleton County, SC, where it was subjected to extermination efforts; it will likely be reintroduced. [= FNA, K]

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Flora of the Carolinas and Virginia, Working Draft of 27 October 1997 -- KEY TO PTERIDOPHYTE GENERA. Alan S. Weakley. The Nature Conservancy, Southeast Regional Office, Southern Conservation Science Department.