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Appalachian Ballads from Madison County,
North Carolina

Songs by Dellie Norton, Cas Wallin, Berzilla Wallin, Doug Wallin, Evelyn Ramsey, Edison Ramsey, and Sheila Adams

Pretty Saro Cas Wallin

Cas Wallin talks about "Pretty Saro" and "Fine Sally"

Fine Sally Cas Wallin

Dellie Norton talks with Allen Tullos

Young Emily Dellie Norton

Black Sheep Cas Wallin

The Drunkard Song Berzilla Wallin

Pretty Peggy-O Doug Wallin

Little Sadie Doug Wallin

10 A Soldier Traveling from the North Dellie Norton

11 The Dying Boy Dellie Norton

12 Little Margaret Doug Wallin

13 Little Mohee Dellie Norton

14 Dearest Dear Doug Wallin

15 Black Is the Color Evelyn Ramsey

16 Pretty Fair Miss Sheila Adams

17 Shady Grove Doug Wallin

18 If I Had the Wings of an Angel Berzilla Wallin

19 Conversation with Death Cas Wallin

20 Moving over Jordan Cas Wallin with Evelyn and Edison Ramsey

Playing time, 62:25

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