Democracy Betrayed: The Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 and Its Legacy

Edited by David S. Cecelski and Timothy B. Tyson
With a Foreword by John Hope Franklin

From Democracy Betrayed: The Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 and Its Legacy, edited by David S. Cecelski and Timothy B. Tyson. Copyright 1998, The University of North Carolina Press. Reproduction in any form is prohibited without the express permission of the Press. For additional information about this book, see the links below.

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This book has been an unusually collaborative effort even for an anthology. We are especially grateful to the ten other scholars whose essays are featured in Democracy Betrayed. They not only wrote fine essays that make us proud to be associated with them, but also played an active role in every stage of this book's rather hurried birth. They have recommended authors, shared ideas, turned up new research sources, and done very careful readings of essays other than their own, both ours and other contributors'. Without the encouragement and insights of Glenda Gilmore and Steve Kantrowitz, in particular, this book would not have been possible. From the first forkful of chicken and dumplings, meeting Glenda Gilmore has been like finding a long-lost sister. Steve Kantrowitz not only named and renamed the book several times; he sustained us with his literary skills and warm friendship. William H. Chafe has been a priceless mentor and friend; he read the entire manuscript and has been a ready source of advice and inspiration. Whenever our spirits lagged, the intensity of Laura Edwards's and Raymond Gavins's faith in the book and its importance helped us to rediscover the strength of our own convictions.

Several scholars who did not write essays for Democracy Betrayed were also a crucial help to us. We especially want to thank Lu Ann Jones, Peter H. Wood, Katherine Mellen, John Herd Thompson, Nellie McKay, Craig Werner, and Paige Raibmon for their steady encouragement and thoughtful criticism. In addition, we could not possibly have pulled this book together without Jeffrey Crow, who took time from his many labors as director of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History to help us at every difficult juncture. And we will never find adequate words to thank David Perry, editor-in-chief of the University of North Carolina Press. He conceived of this book, nurtured it faithfully, protected it from the worst impulses of its editors, and lent it his own sharp historical and literary gifts. Centennials do not grant extensions, and neither did David Perry, but he and others at the University of North Carolina Press--among them, David VanHook, Alison Waldenberg, and Ron Maner--provided the extra support necessary to complete this book on time.

Many other friends and colleagues read parts or all of the manuscript, which has benefited immeasurably from their wisdom. We would like to thank Eric Anderson, David Carter, Kirsten Delegard, Christina Greene, Bob Hall, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Gerald Horne, John Howard, Melody Ivins, Beverly Jones, William Jefferson Jones, Robert Korstad, Rhonda Lee, Danielle McGuire, Doris Morgan, Sam Morgan, Richard Ralston, Richard Reid, James Schiffer, John David Smith, Boo Tyson, Vernon C. Tyson, Vern Tyson, William L. Van Deburg, Michael Ward, Lane Windham, and Barry Yeoman.

As always, our families have been our greatest source of strength and inspiration. Laura Hanson and Perri Morgan, brilliant women with large blind spots which it is our privilege to occupy, have endured with remarkable patience the sense that their husbands were married to each other rather than to their wives. They both provided decisive intellectual assistance at crucial points in preparing this book. Finally, we came to edit this book and persisted in it because we are committed to making a better world for our children--Vera, Guy, Hope, and Sam--and to them it is dedicated.

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