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Excavating Occaneechi Town

Archaeology of an Eighteenth-Century Indian Village in North Carolina

Edited by R. P. Stephen Davis Jr., Patrick C. Livingood, H. Trawick Ward, and Vincas P. Steponaitis

Copyright © 1998 by the University of North Carolina Press. All rights reserved. ISBN 0-8078-6503-6 (cd-rom & booklet).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you encounter a difficulty or bug with the software, please read below to see if we have addressed your problem.

Problem. I try to install as directed for Windows 95 (mine is 98), and I am told there is an illegal error. What is wrong?
Solution. Your problem with installing Excavating Occaneechi Town is related to a conflict between the installation program (industry-standard InstallShield) and a program running on your computer (such as certain versions of Norton AntiVirus, the driver for the MS Intellimouse, or possibly some others). Fortunately there is a work-around, and once you have EOT installed there should be no future conflicts.

The easiest way to avoide these software conflicts is to make a clean boot, so that you can run Windows without any software that might cause a problem. Then you run the installation program, and once you have installed the software you can reboot normally. After this EOT should run without any difficulties.

Here is an excerpt from Microsoft on how to clean boot your computer under Windows 98. The full document can be found at http:/

How to Perform Clean-Boot for Windows 98

1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information.
2. On the Tools menu, click System Configuration Utility.
3. On the General tab, click Selective Startup, and then click to clear the following check boxes:

Process Config.sys File
Process Autoexec.bat File
Process Winstart.bat File (if available)
Load Startup Group Items
4. Click OK. when you are prompted to restart the computer, do so.

NOTE: To restore your original Startup options, click Normal Startup on the General tab in the System Configuration Utility tool.

Problem. I am a Windows 98 user and I do not get any sound on thevideo clips when I use the "Graphic Viewer" on the CD-ROM.
Solution. The authoring program that was used to createExcavating Occaneechi Town has some problems with certain soundcards, including: "the IBM MWave, the Turtle Beach Montego (ships withsomenewDell models), the SoundBlaser Live, the ESS Technologies, Inc. 1688, 1853,1887,1868/1869, 1878, 8179 audio chips (1868/1869 ships on some new Compaqmodels), Aztech (2320 & PCI 388-a3d), Aureal Vortex, Adionix (ds xg wave),Diamond Monster, Trident PC, and Yamaha (719?).

There is a patch that you can download which should fix the problem byupdating the part of the program used to play videos.

Download the file from

This can be done by selecting and copying the address above, going to yourweb browser, pressing Control-O and then control-V and then Enter. Youwill then be prompted with a File Download Window. Choose to Save theProgram to Disk, and then select a directory to save the file to. The fileis about 98K in size, and it should not take long to download no matterwhat type of internet connection you have.

Now, run this program called soundfix.exe that you have downloaded. Youwill be prompted with a window asking which directory to uncompress thefiles to. Type in the Excavating Occaneechi Town directory. Thisshould be"c:\excavate" if you used the default settings during the installation.

The program should report that two files were unzipped successfully. Nowyou can hit the close button on the program and run ExcavatingOccaneechiTown. This should fix the problem and allow you to hear the sound onthevideos.

Problem. I am experiencing an "Isinst30" or "_Ins0433._mp" errorwhen installing Excavating Occaneechi Town and I am running Windows98.
Solution. The error you are experiencing is a problemthat InstallShield, the installation program that we use, has with anon-standard pointing device under Windows 98. There are twoworkarounds.

FIX #1: If you happen to be using the Microsoft Intellimouse with thelittle gray scrolling wheel, you can disable the wheel and then continuewith the installation.
1. Hit Control-Alt-Delete to open a "Close Window" window. This lists allof the programs you are currently running. See if you have a programcalled "Mswheel" listed.
2. If you do have "Mswheel," select that line and Press the "End Task"button. Now you should be able to install Excavating OccaneechiTown. After you are done with the installation you can reboot yourcomputer to restore your Intellimouse. If you are still experiencinginstallation problems try Fix #2.
3. If you do not have "Mswheel," you are using some other non-standardmouse device and you should hit the cancel button and use Fix #2.

FIX #2: This fix involves running Windows under Safe Mode inorder to install Excavating Occaneechi Town.
1. You must reboot your computer into Safe Mode. To do thisclick Start | Shut Down | Restart and then click OK. Now hold the CTRL key down until the Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu appears. For some machines, you can use F8 instead of CTRL to bring up the Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu.
2. Enter the number for Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.
3. Your computer will boot into Safe Mode, which means itdoes not load most drivers, including the problematicnon-standard mouse driver. Now install the ExcavatingOccaneechi Town software.
4. Once you have completed the installation, reboot yourcomputer normally.

Problem. The images in the report look very pixelized or display strange colors that will not go away.
Solution. The likely cause of this problem is that you are running Windows in a graphics mode that is not capable of showing enough colors for this software's configuration mode. You must run Windows in a graphics mode that can display at least 256 colors simultaneously. You will know if you are running Windows in a low-color graphics mode if you receive an error message when you start Excavating Occaneechi Town. If you receive an error message saying that you are not displaying enough colors then you need to exit this software and modify your Windows configuration to display more colors. See Changing Windows Graphics Modes for more information. If the high-color choice under the Graphics Mode heading in the Display Options is grayed out but you did not receive an error message, then your graphics mode is capable of displaying just 256 colors. Make sure that the 256-color mode, and not the high-color mode, is checked. If your problems continue, read below.

Problem. The graphics sometimes flash strange colors for just a second when I change pages before they go back to normal.
Solution. This phenomenon is known as palette flash and we have worked to reduce the likelihood of its occurring, but it is unavoidable on some computers and in some instances. This does not indicate that anything is wrong with your computer or with the software. Palette flash only occurs on computers that are in a 256-color graphics mode when more than one image tries to share the screen at the same time. With some computers, you can avoid this problem completely by switching to high-color graphics mode. See Changing Windows Graphics Modes if you think your computer is capable of higher-color modes in Windows.

Problem. I am running Windows 95 and the scroll bars next to the gray fields are difficult to see.
Solution. There are two simple ways to alleviate this problem. The first is to change the default color of the fields in this report from gray to white. This is done by choosing File | Display Options&ldots; from the menu and setting the color of the fields to white and then hitting OK. Now there should be no difficulty with a scroll bar that blends into the field.
A different solution for those who really like the gray fields is to change the Windows 95 color scheme. The indistinct scrollbar only occurs in a handful of color schemes in Windows 95. Go to the Start button and select Settings | Control Panel | Display. Then press the tab labeled Appearance at the top of the Window. Next choose a scheme from the list below the heading Schemes. The Windows Default unfortunately causes the indistinct scrollbars, but most of the other schemes work fine. Once you have selected a new scheme press OK.

Problem. When I try to print something, the border around the text cover part of the text, the graphics and text are not aligned correctly, or the text appears off-center in its text box.
Solution. When you encounter this problem, the first thing that you should try is to get the most up-to-date printer driver from your printer manufacturer. These are available for free through the Internet or by calling the manufacturer's support number. Most problems should be solved with updated printer drivers. If the problems persist, and your printer is capable of print modes better than 300 dpi (dots per inch), you might try setting the dpi to 300. This can be done from the menu bar with File | Print Setup. Select your printer and press Settings. Now find the control for dpi and set it to 300.

Problem. When I try to print something, I get an "out of disk space" error message.
Solution. Windows utilizes a software-based print spooler called the Print Manager in Windows 3.1. For this to work you must have spare disk space where Windows can place a copy of the information to be printed before sending it to the printer. If you get this error message, try freeing disk space by removing unneeded files or try issuing a smaller print job that will require less space.

Problem. I get an error whenever I try to run the videos.
Solution. You may not have Video for Windows installed or you may not have the correct compression drivers installed. For Windows 3.1 users, the drivers have been included on the Excavating Occaneechi Town CD-ROM. Windows 95 users can find these files on the Windows 95 installation disks.
Here are the instructions for Windows 3.1 users.
1. Start Windows.
2. Make sure you are in Program Manager.
3. Insert the Excavating Occaneechi Town CD-ROM in your CD drive.
4. Select File | Run from the menu.
5. Type d:\vfw\disk1\vfwsetup.exe in the window and press Enter if your CD-ROM drive is drive D.
Here are the instructions for Windows 95 users.
1. Select Settings | Control Panels from the Start button on the Taskbar.
2. Double click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.
3. Press the Windows Setup tab at the top of the window.
4. Click once on the line labeled "Multimedia" and then press the button labeled "Details..."
5. Make sure that there is a check next to the lines labeled "Media Player" and "Video Compression," then hit OK in both windows and follow the instructions.

Problem. When I run the videos the animation is very halting and there are breaks between movements.
Solution. Video is one of the most demanding things that a computer can perform. We have tried to make the video clips accessible to computers with a double-speed CD-ROM drive and at least a 486DX2-66 computer. However, we have found that performance can vary widely. For example, it has been documented that some high-speed CD-ROMs (6x or faster) may have difficulties playing slower-speed CDs. In addition the amount of memory on the system and the amount of cache memory reserved for the CD-ROM may impact performance.

See the README.TXTfile for more technicalinformation and visit the Excavating Occaneechi Town Technical Support web site. If this does not solve your problem, additional technical support is available by posting an inquiry by e-mail to: or by faxing 919-966-3829.

From Excavating Occaneechi Town, a CD-ROM for Windows / ISBN 0-8078-6503-6 / $45.00 / Published for the Research Laboratories of Archaeology by the University of North Carolina Press

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