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  Topics related to the Republic of Tuva, South Siberia.

  An unmoderated newsgroup to encourage discussion and exchange of 
  information about Tuva, formerly Tannu Tuva, a country in South Siberia 
  absorbed in to the former USSR in 1944.
  Previously a country few Westerners had heard of, Tuva has  caught 
  foreigner's imagination since the opening of the Soviet borders and the 
  travel book "Tuva or Bust".  A paper mailing list "Friends of Tuva" is 
  growing almost exponentially as more and more people seek a forum to 
  discuss Tuvan culture.  Discussion could include: throat singing, 
  language, travel to Tuva, Tuvan folk art, and appearances by Tuvan 
  performers and visitors outside of Tuva. 

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    This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and
      their answers) about the culture of the Lost Land of Tannu Tuva,
      an actual country in the centre of Asia.  It should be read by
      anyone who wishes to post to the alt.culture.tuva newsgroup.
    From: (Kerry Yackoboski)
    Posted: monthly (17 Jan 1996 21:32:45 GMT)

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