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  Careful Neddy, it's that dastardly Moriarty again.

  A group for fans of the Incomparable Goon Show:
  Here's a song that I recall,
  My mother sang to me.
  She sang it when she tucked me in,
  When I was nine-teee-threee...
      "Ying tong ying tong ying tong ying tong
         ying tong iddle I po..."

  Readers: 5700 (0.1%) {23%}         Mesgs per month/day: 270/9      {35%}
  Crossposting: 15% {52%}            Megs  per month/day: 0.3/0.010  {32%}
  Sites reciving this Group: 46%     Cost ratio ($US/month/rdr): 0.02

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