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  Fans of Doug Tracht, the DJ.

  The "Greaseman," aka Doug Tracht, is a highly talented "shock" DJ, employed
  at WWDC-FM Washington, DC for nearly 10 years before being picked up for
  syndication by the same network that carries Howard Stern.  He enjoys a
  large following around the country by former audiences in both Florida and
  Washington,  as well as fans scattered around the country who share his
  material via cassette-tape. 
  Some individuals think "Grease" is far more creative and talented than Mr.
  Fart-Man Stern.  Whatever the preference, most agree he is an acquired taste.

  FAQ:  The Greaseman
    From: (Carlos Castro)
    Posted: monthly (27 Jan 1996 07:36:10 GMT)

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