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  Music from around the world (no "pop" or "rock").

  A group for the discussion of music based in any of the world's 
  classical, popular, and folk traditions.  Excluded from this group would 
  be any musical traditions that already have their own newsgroups
  (e.g.,,, (which appears to be dedicated mostly to American
  folk music), etc.).  However, music that might be unwelcome in any of 
  the above-named groups because it does not adhere to traditional forms 
  closely enough (e.g. baroque-Indian-Cuban-pop fusion music) would be 
  welcome to be discussed in Of course, discussion of 
  highly traditional music would be just as welcome as discussion of 
  non-traditional genre-crossing music. 
  In short:  If you would find it in the "World Music" or "International" 
  section of a record store and it doesn't have its own newsgroup, then would be the place to discuss it.

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