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  Discussions about research in virology.

  For (a) posting of information relating to:
          (1) Virus taxonomy
          (2) Virus structure and morphogenesis
          (3) Multiplication of viruses
          (4) Virus genetics and evolution
          (5) Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of viruses
          (6) Host response to viral infections
          (7) Vaccinology and antiviral chemotherapy
          (8) Any other matters pertaining to viruses not
              mentioned above
  Whilst the group name is virology and the charter above only mentions
  viruses, postings in the above categories about infectious agents such
  as viroids and prions are to be included in this group. Discussion
  about evolution should be restricted to viral evolution only.
  (b) the posting of news on methods or reagents relating to techniques
  used uniquely for or with viruses It is not intended to include
  postings on methods or reagents common to molecular biology. These are
  better placed in bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts.
  (c) the posting of articles from various 'non-journal' publications
  such as CDI weekly, and other infectious diseases bulletins and the
  various virus newsletters (eg Virus Information Exchange Newsletter)
  (d) the posting of articles relating to current outbreaks of viral
  disease around the world

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