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  For discussion of the Dylan language.

  For discussion of the Dylan language. This newsgroup is gatwayed
  gatewayed with the mailing list
  Dylan(TM) is a new object-oriented language, described in a book
  published by Apple Computer in April 1992.  Many people have expressed
  interest in the language since then, and prototype implementations are
  now appearing.
  In September, Apple created four public mailing lists for discussions
  of Dylan; the one called info-dylan is used for discussing any and all
  aspects of the language.  In just over a month, the volume of mail on
  info-dylan has reached the point where a newsgroup would be more
  useful than a mailing list; indeed, some subscribers have already
  removed their names from the list because of the high volume.  Apple
  will maintain a gateway with the mailing list so that current
  subcribers to info-dylan who lack newsgroup access will still be able
  to participate in the discussions.

  comp.lang.dylan FAQ
    From: (Steve Strassmann)
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