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  Pop11 and the Plug user group.

  This is a group for the  discussions on the programming language Pop11,
  and related environments, libraries, languages and the Plug User Group.
  Relevant topics, in this group, cover all aspects of Pop11 programming
  (from novice questions to expert efficiency issues) and the current BSI
  standards effort (Pop9x), and how it relates to other languages of this type
  (e.g. GLOW, Pepper).
  Also relevant is conversations about the Poplog programming environment
  and its libraries. Like:
  OOP in Pop11 Flavours, or objectclass etc. and how they relate to other
  .    OOP languages (C++, CLOS etc.)
  X windows hacking in Pop11 and the Poplog widget set.
  Mixed language programming (eg. between Lisp/Pop11/Prolog/ML/C etc.) that
  .    is supported in Poplog but isn't relevant for discussion in other,
  .    pure language, groups
  Techniques for Artificial Intelligence programming (it is an AI language
  .    after all :)
  and so on.

  comp.lang.pop FAQ
    From: (Ian Rogers)
    Posted: unknown ()

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