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  Any aspects of dance not covered in another newsgroup.

  This is an unmoderated discussion forum on practically all dance forms
  and issues.  Most of the discussion focuses on social dance (in
  particular ballroom, swing, and country & western), but folk, tap,
  clogging, belly dancing, polka, disco, hustle, freestyle, slam, etc.
  are also legitimate topics.  Some discussion of jazz, ballet and folk
  dancing exists, but most of that traffic is in the groups
  rec.folk-dancing and alt.arts.ballet.
  It includes discussions about technique, styling, dance troupes,
  specific dancers, camps and workshops, competitions, and equipment,
  as well as conditioning for dance, injuries (their treatment and
  rehabilitation), stretching, etc. Moreover, this group welcomes
  queries concerning what dance clubs or organizations are in your area
  (please use restricted distribution) and how to get started dancing.
  This is a great forum to help dancers hook up with one another,
  whether for workshops, competitions, instruction, or simply finding a
  place to dance in a city you will be visiting.
  This group is not for commercial use.  Advertising for profit (as
  opposed to occasional recommendations by actual dancers) is not
  welcome. On the other hand, announcements of competitions,
  exhibitions, and special events are appropriate.

  Stretching and Flexibility FAQ  (part * of *)
    Information about Stretching and Flexibility  (Monthly Posting)
    From: (Brad Appleton)
    Posted: monthly (Fri, 22 Dec 1995 03:38:01 GMT) FAQ (part */*)
    This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and
      their answers) about practically all dance forms and issues, in
      particular pertaining to their discussion on the net. This
      should be read be anyone wishing to post on
    From: (Victor Eijkhout)
    Posted: monthly (12 Dec 1995 00:37:09 GMT)

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