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  Mystery and crime books, plays and films.

  A forum for the discussion of the fine art of murder as displayed in 
  crime fiction and mystery films, plays, and thrillers.
  The objectives are:
      + To offer a public forum to discuss mystery novels and films. 
        This includes the plot and character development, as well as
        formal aspects of the writing or film editing.
      + To create a meeting place for people with interest in reading of
        this genre, for opinions and criticism.
      + To exchange tips on good and bad crime fiction and films, and to
        discuss new publications on the field. Questions that will be
        discussed include: Is the plot realistic?, Are its twists and
        turns surprising?, Is it suspenseful?, Are the characters
        credible and interesting?, Is the book/film "atmospheric"?, 
        What is the standard of the writing?
      + The classical question on how to commit the perfect crime will
        certainly be an aspect of the discussion. Examples in the
        relevant literature may be critically examined (To give the
        group a scientific touch).
      + To establish a place on the net were fans of the classical
        whodunit can have it out with the disciples of the hardboiled
        variation or fans of the "police procedural". 
  Spoilers concerning the plot of mysteries should be made visible in
  the header of the postings. We don't want to know whodunit before the
  sleuth tells us or we find out by ourselves. Advertising related to to
  the subject should also be labeled, unrelated advertising should be
  sent to /dev/null rather than rec.arts.mystery.

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