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  Reviews of Star Trek books, episodes, films, &c. (Moderated)

  A moderated newsgroup exclusively for reviews of "Star Trek" 
  episodes, books, comics, and related items (just "episodes" in the 
  rest of the charter, for brevity).  It is open to all incarnations of 
  Star Trek: the original series, the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and
  any others that pop up in the future.
  A "review" is defined as an original (non-followup) article that expresses
  and justifies an opinion about a particular episode.  The moderator has the
  power to reject articles that aren't appropriate for the group.  Articles
  may not be rejected on the basis of the opinions expressed, but might be
  rejected for either of the following reasons, among others:
  - The article states an opinion ("I hated the episode") without any
    discussion of WHY the poster thinks that, or with so little discussion
    ("because it had awful FX") that it's not useful to others seeking
    insight into the episode.
  - The article is very poorly written.  The moderator would be expected to
    be generous here, but has the power to reject completely incoherent
    messages that don't convey any clear opinion.  
  Followups will be directed to r.a.s.current or r.a.s.misc, or to other
  more appropriate groups in the r.a.s. heirarchy should any appear in the

  Moderated by: Michael Shappe
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