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  Aviation questions and answers. (Moderated)

  A group to receive questions on  aviation which might be answered
  in an simple and reasonably authoritative manner by one or a few
  of the many knowledgeable individuals we have on the net.  Such 
  questions, along with their answers, will be posted as a single article,
  to rec.aviation.questions  and will be cross-posted to the appropriate
  unmoderated rec.aviation subgroup(s).  This process will avoid having
  such questions answered many, many times by well-intentioned readers,
  sometimes correctly and  sometimes incorrectly.  Interested netters
  will be able to follow up to the original question and answer posting
  in the normal manner; these follow-ups will be directed to the 
  appropriate unmoderated rec.aviation subgroup(s).

  Moderated by: Geoff Peck
  Submissions to:

  Readers: 8200 (0.1%)               Mesgs per month/day: 1/0        
  Crossposting: 0%                   Megs  per month/day: 0.0/0.000  
  Sites reciving this Group: 53%     Cost ratio ($US/month/rdr): 0.00

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