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  Other trading card game discussions.

  For Trading card game discussions which do not fit under any of the other
  newsgroups in the hierarchy.  Examples include existing games which
  do not generate much traffic (such as TSR's Spellfire), new games
  which do not yet have a game-specific newsgroup within the hierarchy,
  and any other topic which does not fit within the charter of the
  other newsgroups.  As new trading card games are introduced, they
  will be discussed here first, and if the traffic levels warrant
  it, a proposal will be generated to create a new group specifically
  for any such game.
  It is highly recommended that postings in .misc related to a
  specific game have a subject line beginning with the game's name
  (or a suitable standard abbreviation) in uppercase letters within
  brackets, such as "[SPELLFIRE] Question about drawing cards".  This
  provides easy identification of posts for particular games, allowing
  readers to more easily select or ignore articles for those games.
  Standard names/abbreviations will be decided as games come out, and
  are regularly published in the FAQ for this group.

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