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  Inter-cultural and inter-racial relationships.

  soc.couples.intercultural FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently asked questions about inter-cultural relationships.
    From: Steve Frampton <>
    Posted: monthly (Sat, 26 Feb 94 17:05:27 EST)

  disparity in Asian/white interracial dating FAQ
    Possible answers to the question, "Why are there much more WM/AF
      couples than AM/WF couples in the USA, Japan, China (mainland
      and Taiwan), Korea, ... everywhere?", which is a FAQ in
      soc.couples.intercultural, soc.culture.asian.american,
      soc.culture.japan, etc.
    From: (TANAKA Tomoyuki)
    Posted: at most once every two or three months (1 Mar 1995 21:09:41 GMT)

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