I am creating this page as a quick reference for myself and those working on the Clip Models Project. 



Macroscopic Whole Body Level

Here is some poser links the I feel will help us with the Macroscopic body

A walking Viewpoint  muscle guy
A walking Viewpoint Skeleton
Muscle Fibers (there is a artifact in the image)
My Start on a sarcomere
Here are models of 3 systems made in poser

Poser and Poser Pro PackAvailable From Creation Engine for $199.00  and  $99. respectively. I think this is a better idea for trying to create the macroscopic body model than trying to model it from scratch. We can steal parts or export them directly from viewpoint.


Michael body morph $60.00 available from daz3D 


Michael Muscle texture  $35.00


These are short animations which I made with the old version of poser.


This is a quick and dirty VPT skeleton I made with an older version of poser


Different types of skeletons available for mike

The Fully articulated spine if very pricy $195 (not worth it IMHO) 

The Other is $80.00 I would only consider it if the skeleton included in poser is inadequate




Organ Level

Here are some valuable toys I found at the viewpoint site


This is zoom view. I do not like it but I am including it for completeness


Cervical Vertebrae


the Virtual Human Gallery 

Be sure to read the end used aggreement


Medical Applications


This is a viewpoint heart


This is a viewpoint hip

This is the level that is truly lacking

Tissue Level



This is a very goon image, I think that this would make a great model




Biceps drawing and animations


Very nice set of muscle images


An interesting French site


The Harvey Project (Some people who have the right Idea)





Some  web pages  with nice images of  Tissue




Muscle Tissue


Another muscle tissue web page


Nice Drawings


Yet more images


More Pretty Pictures



Cell Level

Here are some images that I have that could be useful


Mitochondrial Gifs


Viewpoint Mitochondrion


Molecular Level



Actin and Myocine GIF



Secondary Structure

The Alpha helix of a protein



Primart Structure of proteins. Peptide bonds

Chime Stuff


Ras Mol software the player does not work well with IE

Non Ras Mol Software




Theoretical Biophysics Group


I think the a good comparison would show the difference between my cartoonish version of a cell membrane an illustrators  version of the Cell membrane and a photomicrograph


This is a real good site for information on the cell membrane



Electron micrograph showing the membrane and the intracellular space


A cartoon version of transport


a Static Version of Transport


An nice group of  molecular galleries





Phospholipid Models