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Final Test for the Quarter April 4th


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Study Guides

Unit 1 Ocean Food Chains and Productivity  
Unit 2 Adaptation in Fish  (powerpoint) Different fish Adaptations


Quiz 1 February 4th 2003 Food and nutrients
Quiz 2 February 10th 2003 Types of nutrition
Quiz 3 March 3rd 2003 General Terms
Quiz 4 March 10th 2003 Identifying Fish Parts
Quiz 5 March 31 2003 Fish Shape quiz


Test 1 February 13th 2003 Food chains and the nature of light
Test 2 March 26 2003 Eutrophication and upwelling
Test 3 April 4th 2003 Fish Adaptation.


Swimming Styles This is an on going project that demonstrates adaptation in fish.