This is a typical dicot flower it is composed of petals which are the steril non reproductive part of the flower and the reproductive parts  know as the pistil and the stanen.
The pistil (shown here in green) is the female part of the flower. It is composed of the Stigma, (The sticky top part where the pollen lands)  the stile (the long neck that supports the stigma.) and the ovary (the swollen structure at the base of the pistil) The ovary contains the egg cells that will eventually mature into seeds. At the base of the ovary are the sepals. These leaf like structure protect the flower bud during development. When pollen lands on the stigma a pollen tube grows down the stile to the ovary. This allows the gametes to travel from the male pollen cells to the female eggs cells Once the eggs are fertilized they grow into seeds. As they grow they release hormones that cause the ovary wall to swell forming a fruit.