Les Sentences Récents

20 Septembre, 2000
La Cellule Virtuel a déjà gagné beaucoup de sentences significatifs.

À 8 Mars, 2000, la Cellule Virtuel a reçu la sentence de La Masse Critique pour le dessein innovatif du site de (web).
On October 10th. The Virtual Cell was given the Busy Educators Guide to the Internet's award for excellence!
The Virtual Cell was choosen as a "Digital Dozen" website for the month of April by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC)! Each month the ENC chooses a baker's dozen of websites to highlight!
The Virtual Cell was also choosen as a student produced site of the month for April by the Channel One!news network
Coyle and Cassidy was one of twelve schools in the country to receive Todays Catholic Teacher Magazine's Catholic Schools of tomorrow award.