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Охраняется авторским правом

Охраняется авторским правом(1998): Все модели и анимации данного сайта принадлежат Веб-странице Виртуальной Клетки

All the models and animation included on these pages belong to the Virtual Cell Web Page. They are provided free of charge to students and teachers for educational purposes only. Students and teachers may cache the web pages contents on the hard drive of their computer but no one may reproduce or repackage any of the content of these pages without the express written/e-mailed consent of the Virtual Cell Web Page Project Director

Some logos/titles used on these page which are property of other companies, used only to convey the use of their products in creating or viewing this page. All such logos/titles remain the property of their original owners and are not the property of The Virtual Cell Website.

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