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"Extending WWW to support Platform Independent Virtual Reality" by Dave Raggett.

"Cyberspace" by Mark Pesce, Tony Parisi, and Peter Kennard


"As We May Think" by Vannevar Bush

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VRML Repository at San Diego Supercomputer Center
SDSC has recently compiled a number of VRML resources, including a bibliography of VRML-related writings, VRML specifications and documentation, and an index of example applications.

The VRML Arc Gallery
The gallery is housed on the Interactive Media Festival's server. This year, parts of the festival will be modeled in VRML so that anybody on the Internet can tour the gallery space in three dimensions. This site also has a nice VRML and 3D graphics hotlist available, including lists of Browsers, Authoring Tools, and Projects. They've even developed an online VRML Tutorial.

NCSA, famous for its development of the Mosaic application for graphical displays of the World Wide Web, has gotten an early start on developing a VRML archive. Particularly interesting are the Relativity Group's collection of VRML worlds simulating gravitational waves, colliding black holes, and gases surrounding a galaxy cluster.

WaxWeb 2.0
One of the more highly acclaimed sites on the World Wide Web has recently been revamped to incorporate VRML worlds into its already extensive interactive exhibit. A hypermedia version of David Blair's feature-length film, "WAX or the discovery of television among the bees," WaxWeb 2.0 integrates VRML worlds into its massive hypermedia database of animations, audio clips, and high-resolution graphic files. Its authors, members of the Brown University Graphics Laboratory, have described it as the "first network-distributed narrative to offer real-time 3-D navigation through a story."

Silicon Graphics' Surf Zone
Almost immediately after the WebSpace release announcement, Silicon Graphics announced it's SurfZone project. Described as the "only club on the planet where you'll experience web navigation in 3D," the Surf Zone is promised to be an interactive gallery for the exhibit of the creme de la creme of VRML worlds. Many of the models currently exhibited by SGI were designed by Lightscape Technologies. Lightscape also has a few models freely available for downloading on their own site.

Future of VRML

The Main VRML Forum now has a VRML Architecture Group page devoted to the future of VRML. Some of the White Papers offered from the Group are:

Brian Blau's "VRML 1.x and Beyond - Proposal Mania"

Jan Hardenbergh's "The VRML of Babel" white paper.

William Martens' "Audio in VRML" white paper.

Tom Meyer's "Adding Behavior to VRML" white paper.

Mitra's "VRML+", "Behaviors API" and "URNs and VRML" white papers.

Tony Parisi's "VRML 1.1 Proposal" white paper.

Mark Pesce's "Scale" white paper.

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