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Radio In Vivo: Your Link to the Triangle Science Community, with Ernie Hood - Live 11:00 AM- Noon Wednesdays

Radio In Vivo Website

Podcast Feed:  http://communityradio.coop/Podcasts/Radio In Vivo.xml

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Radio In Vivo 11.14.2007 Abrupt climate change, Greenland glacier ice-quake monitoring, with Dr. Jose Rial, professor of geophysics, UNC Department of Geological Sciences

Radio In Vivo 10.31.2007 Photonics, with guest Dr. Tuan Vo-Dinh, Director, Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics, Duke University

Radio In Vivo 10.24.2007 Music and the brain, with guest Dr. Donald Hodges, Director, Music Research Institute, UNC-Greensboro

Radio In Vivo 10.17.2007 "Re-performance" recording technology with guest Dr. John Q. Walker, President, Zenph Studios, Raleigh, featuring re-performed music from Glenn Gould and Art Tatum

Radio In Vivo 10.10.2007 Knockout mice as models of psychiatric disorders, with guest Dr. William Wetsel, Duke University Medical Center

Radio In Vivo 10.03.2007 with guest Dr. Enriqueta Bond, President, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, RTP

Radio In Vivo 09.12.2007 Structural biology, antibiotic resistance, and mentor-mentee relationships, with guests Dr. Matt Redinbo and graduate student Scott Lujan, UNC-CH

Radio In Vivo 08.29.2007 with guest Dr. Vipin Garg, President & CEO, Tranzyme Pharma, Durham

Radio In Vivo 08.22.2007 with guest Dr. Ward Cates, President of Research, Family Health International, RTP

Radio In Vivo 08.01.2007 Scientific research on ESP and parapsychology, with Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Dr. Larry Burk, The Rhine Center: An Institute for Consciousness Research and Education, Durham

Radio In Vivo 07.25.2007 with guest Dr. Ann Williams, Human Studies Division, US-EPA, President-Elect, Sigma Xi

Radio In Vivo 07.18.2007 Treating irritable bowel syndrome with hypnosis, with guest Dr. Olafur Palsson of UNC-CH

Radio In Vivo 07.04.2007 Cyclic cosmology with Dr. Paul Frampton, UNC Department of Physics and Astronomy

Radio In Vivo 06.27.2007 North Carolina's strategic plan for a biofuels industry, with Jason Nelson of the NC Biotechnology Center

Radio In Vivo 06.20.2007 Umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantation with Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, Duke University

Radio In Vivo 06.13.2007 Honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder with Dr. David Tarpy, Professor of Entomology, NC State University, Extension Apiculturist

Radio In Vivo 06.06.2007 Proteins and NMR in-cell protein imaging, with Dr. Gary Pielak, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Biophysics, UNC-Chapel Hill

Radio In Vivo 05.30.2007 with UNC Geology Professor Kevin Stewart and science writer Mary-Russell Roberson, discussing their book, Exploring the Geology of the Carolinas: A Field Guide to Favorite Places from Chimney Rock to Charleston

Radio In Vivo 05.23.2007 with guest Suzanne Wilkison of the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research

Radio In Vivo 05.09.2007 with guest Dr. Philip Carter, Executive Director, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, RTP

Radio In Vivo 05.02.2007 Evolutionary genomics, with guest Dr. Greg Wray, Director, Center for Evolutionary Genomics, Duke University

Radio In Vivo 04.11.2007 Recruitment of minority and disadvantaged students into science, with Ken Cutler, Director, Project Suc-SEED

Radio In Vivo 04.04.2007 The Artificial Retina Project, with guest Dr. Gianluca Lazzi, NC State University

Radio In Vivo 03.28.2007 with guest Dr. Dan Reed, Director, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

Radio In Vivo 03.14.2007 A visit to Duke Forest with Resource Manager Judd Edeburn

Radio In Vivo 03.07.2007 Air pollution modeling and simulation, with Dr. Will Vizuete, UNC-CH

Radio In Vivo 02.28.2007 with guest Dr. Nick Oberlies, Natural Products Laboratory, RTI International

Radio In Vivo 02.07.2007 Reproductive epidemiology with Dr. Pauline Mendola, EPA-RTP

Radio In Vivo 01.24.2007 Veterinary research with guest Dr. Gregg Dean, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

Radio In Vivo 01.17.2007 Obesity with Dr. Barry Popkin, UNC School of Public Health

Radio In Vivo 01.10.2007 with guest Dr. Cynthia Bulik, Director, UNC Eating Disorders Program

Radio In Vivo 01.03.2007 with guest Dr. Linda Birnbaum, Director, Experimental Toxicology Division, EPA-RTP

Radio In Vivo 12.20.2006 Metabolomics with Dr. Mike Milburn and Tim Germann of Metabolon, Inc.

Radio In Vivo 12.13.2006 Biomolecular mechanisms of metabolism with Dr. Sheila Collins, CIIT Ctrs. for Health Research, RTP

Radio In Vivo 12.06.2006 with guest Dr. Bob McMahan, Senior Science Advisor to the State of NC

Radio In Vivo 11.29.2006 Solar power and renewable energy with Chris Carter and Dr. Jack Martin of WCOM

Radio In Vivo 11.08.2006 Quantitative evolutionary genomics with Dr. Greg Gibson, NCSU

Radio In Vivo 11.01.2006 Medicalization of illness with Dr. Nortin Hadler, UNC (abbreviated program - 35:00)

Radio In Vivo 10.25.2006 Genetic epidemiology and neural tube defects with Dr. Marcy Speer, Duke Center for Human Genetics

Radio In Vivo 10.11.2006 Organic farming with Dr. Nancy Creamer, NCSU, and Dr. Noah Ranells, Orange County

Radio In Vivo 10.04.2006 Evolutionary biology, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, with Director Kathleen K. Smith

Radio In Vivo 09.27.2006 NC Health Disparities Report Card with Ava Barbry-Crawford, NCOMHHD

Radio In Vivo 09.13.2006 Species extinction and biodiversity with Dr. Stuart Pimm, Duke University

Radio In Vivo 09.06.2006 Songbirds as a model of vocal learning and communication with Dr. Erich Jarvis, Duke University

Radio In Vivo 08.30.2006 with guest Dr. Anne Yoder of the Duke Lemur Center

Radio In Vivo 08.23.2006 with Dr. Neil Frazer and Jean Chitwood of Erimos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Radio In Vivo 08.02.2006 Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker on mold-related illnesses, bioneurotoxins

Radio In Vivo 07.26.2006 Author Carol Winkelman on pregnancy and childbirth over age 40

Radio In Vivo 07.19.2006 Acupuncture, with Drs. Remy Coeytaux and Wunian Chen, UNC

Radio In Vivo 07.12.2006 with guest Dr. John Butts, North Carolina Chief Medical Examiner

Radio In Vivo 06.28.2006 with guest Dr. William Greenlee of the CIIT Centers for Health Research, RTP

Radio In Vivo 06.21.2006 Drs. Ken Hudnell & Gary Foley of EPA on harmful algal blooms

Radio In Vivo 06.07.2006 Respiratory diseases with Dr. James Donohue, UNC

Radio In Vivo 05.31.2006 Mouse genetics with Dr. Jef French, NIEHS, RTP

Radio In Vivo 05.23.2006 Infant cognition with Drs. Elizabeth Brannon, Patricia Bauer, & Amy Needham, Duke U.

Radio In Vivo 05.03.2006 with guest Dr. Peter White, Director, NC Botanical Garden

Radio In Vivo 04.19.2006 Autism, with Dr. Gary Mesibov, Director, Division TEACCH, Chapel Hill

Radio In Vivo 04.12.2006 Climate change with Dr. Doug Crawford-Brown, UNC

Radio In Vivo 04.05.2006 with guests Dr. Charles Nicolette & Jeffrey Abbey, Argos Therapeutics, Durham

Radio In Vivo 03.29.2006 with guests Barry Teater & Dr. Maria Rapoza, NC Biotechnology Center, RTP

Radio In Vivo 03.22.2006 with guest Robin Swift, NC HIV/AIDS Training Center

Radio In Vivo 03.08.2006 Breast cancer and prevention, with Karen Joy Miller, Prevention Is the Cure

Radio In Vivo 03.01.2006 Neurobiology with Dr. Jaime Mancilla, UNC

Radio In Vivo 02.22.2006 Einstein, with Dr. Henry Greenside, Duke

Radio In Vivo 02.15.2006 with guests Mark Dessauer & Cara Crisler, Active Living By Design, Chapel Hill

Radio In Vivo 02.08.2006 Green buildings and sustainability with Chris Long, EPA-RTP

Radio In Vivo 02.01.2006 Pharmacogenomics with Michael Murphy of Gentris Corp., RTP

Radio In Vivo 01.25.2006 Chemical Intolerance with Dr. Claudia Miller, San Antonio, Texas

Radio In Vivo 01.18.2006 Environmental Health, with Drs. Samuel Wilson & Tom Goehl, NIEHS, RTP

Home Power Hour with Solar Jim and Sustainable Jack- live 10-11 AM Wednesdays

Home Power Hour Website

Podcast Feed:  http://communityradio.coop/Podcasts/Home Power Hour.xml

Left click to listen, right click to manually download show:

Home Power Hour 11.14.2007 Converson Ken talks electric autos.

Home Power Hour 11.07.2007 Kalinda and Jim( Agrisonix) visit SJs.

Home Power Hour 10.31.2007 Halloween special.

Home Power Hour 10.24.2007 Ken Dulaney of Advanced Energy, hybrid cars and busses.

Home Power Hour 10.17.2007 Katie Ansardi of sustainnc.org

Home Power Hour 10.10.2007Jack and Jim ramble on

Home Power Hour 10.03.2007 McCaine Miller NCSEA's Green Building &Solar tour

Home Power Hour 09.19.2007 David Kirkpatrick of SJF Ventures, Green investing.

Home Power Hour 09.12.2007 Special show on the "Oil Age", history and facts.

Home Power Hour 09.05.2007 Dr. Amy Townsen talks about Green Business and Bio-fuels

Home Power Hour 08.29.2007 Back from the S.E.E.Expo

Home Power Hour 08.22.2007 Ned Doyle Southern Energy and Environmental Expo '07.

Home Power Hour 08.01.2007 Alt building materals, etc.

Home Power Hour 07.25.2007 NC Green Power explained

Home Power Hour 07.18.2007 Rocco visits with Jack and Jim.

Home Power Hour 07.04.2007 independence from Nuclear Plunder

Home Power Hour 06.26.2007 Henry of REware.com

Home Power Hour 06.06.2007 Anne Tazewell, the politics of bio-fuels

Home Power Hour 05.30.2007 Janet Wyatt of Chatham Mortgage.com

Home Power Hour 05.23.2007 Bob Abramms of odtmaps.com

Home Power Hour 05.16.2007 SJ's Rumination

Home Power Hour 05.02.2007 Greg Merritt of CREE inc. LED lighting manufacturer.

Home Power Hour 04.25.2007 Eric Henry back from Green Fest in Chicago.

Home Power Hour 04.18.2007 Earth Day Special

Home Power Hour 04.04.2007 Energy Consultant Tom Henkel

Home Power Hour 03.28.2007 Energy bike #2

Home Power Hour 03.21.2007 Hybridtechnologies.com with Martin, energy bike #1

Home Power Hour 03.14.2007 Frank Shepard Energy service company

Home Power Hour 02.28.2007 Don Woodruff, architect woodruffdg@appstate.edu

Home Power Hour 02.21.2007 Osbert Cheung of SBMsolar.com

Home Power Hour 02.14.2007 Steve Heckeroth Sun to Wheels

Home Power Hour 02.07.2007 Fast Freddie Markham easyracers.com

Home Power Hour 01.31.2007 Brent Summerville ASU wind in NC

Home Power Hour 01.17.2007 Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-in Hybrids

Home Power Hour 01.10.2007 Ivan Urlaub NCSEA

Home Power Hour 01.03.2007 news of the year

Home Power Hour 12.06.2006 Ken Clayton, Traid Electric Vehicle

Home Power Hour 11.29.2006 Wind for the Piedmont

Home Power Hour 11.20.2006 Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker

Home Power Hour 11.15.2006 Scott Suddreth greening of Boone

Home Power Hour 11.08.2006 Larry's Beans

Home Power Hour 10.25.2006 Stephen Hren NCPowerDown (glitch)

Home Power Hour 10.18.2006 EV Jerry Asher Electric Auto Association

Home Power Hour 10.11.2006 Nancy Holt on biomass energy, HPH international

Home Power Hour 10.04.2006 Alison Carpenter of SURGE Green building tour.

Home Power Hour 09.27.2006 McCain Miller Green Building and Solar Home Tour

Home Power Hour 09.20.2006 Solar Hobbyist Call-in

Home Power Hour 09.13.2006 Closing the loop, Bio-diesel ASU

Home Power Hour 08.30.2006 Rachel Burton of Piedmont Bio-fuels + "Oklahoma"

Home Power Hour 08.23.2006 Recyclery, Dave, Jim and Jack

Home Power Hour 08.16.2006 Dave is back with Jim and Jack

Home Power Hour 08.02.2006 Matt Rudolph of Piedmont Bio-fuels

Home Power Hour 08.09.2006 Pete Eckhoff Triangle Electric Auto Asso.

Home Power Hour 07.19.2006 Jeff Barrie Kill-o-watt ours

Home Power Hour 06.28.2006 Ned Doyle Southeastern Environmental and Energy Expo

Home Power Hour 06.21.2006

Home Power Hour 06.14.2006 ASU Patrick Beville

Home Power Hour 05.24.2006 ACC Sam Moore Burlington Chemical

Home Power Hour 04.19.2006 Eric Henry Biofuels

Home Power Hour 04.12.2006 Students Fueling the Future

Home Power Hour 04.05.2006 (Rustle the Leaf)

Home Power Hour 03.01.2006

Home Power Hour 02.15.2006

Home Power Hour 02.08.2006

Home Power Hour 02.01.2006

Home Power Hour 01.25.2006

Home Power Hour 01.18.2006

Home Power Hour 01.11.2006

Home Power Hour 01.04.2006

West End Report on the Arts - Live with Audrey Layden and Jackie Helvey - Fridays at 6:00 pm

Click below to manually download shows:

With guest Hunter Levinsohn, multimedia artist - October 19, 2007

With guest Gerry Williams, coordinator of the Carrboro Music Festival - September 28, 2007

With guest Maggi Grace, on tour with her new book State of the Heart - A Medical Tourist's True Story of Lifesaving Surgery in India - August 31, 2007

With guest Lulu (Laura Janelle) Royster, aka Mother Goose, speaking on I Feel Better with Music and Rock Against Cancer - August 24, 2007

With guest Laura Shmania, fabric artist and photographer - August 17, 2007

With guest Judy Bauman, painter from the ArtsCenter Open Studio Group - August 10, 2007

With guest Chris Kanoy, pastel painter and children's book illustrator - July 27, 2007

Just us - July 20, 2007

Discussing the Carrboro Film Festival coming on November 18 - July 6, 2007

With guest Catherine DeVine, discussing the Carrboro Poet Laureate - July 6, 2007

With guests Gerry and Cameron Williams, discussing the Carrboro Music Festival - June 29, 2007

With guest Meiling Arounnarath of the News & Observer & Chapel Hill News - June 1, 2007

Mural Tirade and more! - May 25, 2007

With guest Nic Beery, movie maker and Carrboro Film Festival Chairperson - May 4, 2007

With guest Maggi Grace, artist, author, poetry contest winner - April 13, 2007
(Due to technical difficulties the first portion of the show is not available)

With guest Sima Fallahi, back home in Carrboro - April 6, 2007

Just us - March 30, 2007

With guest Andy Sobe from the Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission on the Community Art Project - March 9, 2007

With guest Billy Sugarfix on the Surreal-o-rama - March 2, 2007

Bilingual 101

Left click to listen, right click to manually download show.

Say It in Spanish - comprar/to buy - Nov. 12, 2007

Say It in Spanish - echar/to pour out, to put

Say It in Spanish - tomar/to take - Oct. 29, 2007

Say It in Spanish - idioms - Oct. 22, 2007

Say It in Spanish - llevar/to carry,take - Oct. 15, 2007

Say It in Spanish - traer/to bring - Oct. 8, 2007

Say It in Spanish - hacer/to make - Oct. 1, 2007

Say It in Spanish - 'ar' verbs - Sept. 17, 2007

Say It in Spanish - saber/to know - Aug. 27, 2007

Say It in Spanish - estar/to be - Aug. 20, 2007

Say It in Spanish - ser/to be - Aug. 6, 2007

Say It in Spanish - sentirse/to feel - July 30, 2007

Say It in Spanish - gustar/to like - July 23, 2007

Say It in Spanish - buscar/to look for - July 16, 2007

Say It In Spanish - mirar/to look - July 9,2007

Say It In Spanish - ver/to see - July 2, 2007

Say It In Spanish - tener/to have - June 25, 2007

Say It In Spanish - necesitar/to need to - June 18, 2007

Say It In Spanish - decir/to say, tell - May 21, 2007

Say It In Spanish - venir/to come - May 14, 2007

Say It In Spanish - ir/to go - May 7, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Nov. 12, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Nov. 52, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Oct. 29, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Oct. 22, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Oct. 15, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Oct. 8, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Oct. 1, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Sept.17, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Aug.27, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Aug. 20, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - Aug. 6, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - July 30, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - July 23, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - July 16, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - July 9, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - July 2, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - June 25, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - June 18, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - May 21, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - May 14, 2007

Dimelo en Ingles - La Familia - May 7, 2007

#1 Click Here to Download the first Class.

#4 Click Here to Download the fourth Class.

#5 Click here to Download the Fifth Class

#6 Click here to Download the Sixth Class

Ethics Matters
A Talk Show about Moral Values, hosted by James Coley, sponsored by the North Carolina Society for Ethical Culture

Podcast Feed:  http://web.mac.com/swaybrig/ethicsmatters/Ethics_Matters/rss.xml

Contact us at feedback@ethicsmattersradio.com

Visit our new website at www.EthicsMattersRadio.com

Claudio's SpeakEasy: The Literary and All Else

Tuesdays, 10AM-11AM

Visit Claudio's website, www.ClaudioArts.com

Podcast Feed: Coming Soon!

Left click to listen, right click to manually download show:

Claudio's SpeakEasy 01.29.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul - Peggy Taphorn, Producing Artistic Director, Temple Theatre, Sanford,

Claudio's SpeakEasy 11.20.2007 Claudio and Jon Paul - Political Improv (honoring Donald Shriver, Jr., and Marcel Marceau)

Claudio's SpeakEasy 10.23.2007 Claudio and Jon Paul with guests Chuck Morton, Carrboro mayoral candidate, and Will Raymond, Chapel Hill Town Council candidate

Claudio's SpeakEasy 10.16.2007 Claudio and Jon Paul with guest Tim Zinzer, discussing the Federal Reserve

Claudio's SpeakEasy 10.09.2007 Claudio, Jon Paul, John Demers and company - indie film

Claudio's SpeakEasy 9.18.2007 Claudio and Jon Paul - stumbling through it

Claudio's SpeakEasy 09.11.2007 Claudio, Jon Paul, with guests Adam Twiss and Mike Raab of Theatre in the Park

Claudio's SpeakEasy 09.04.2007 Promoting West End Poets' Weekend, with Claudio, Jon Paul and Kim Andrews of Carrboro Recreation and Parks

Claudio's SpeakEasy 08.21.2007 Claudio, Daddio, and guest Bruce James, comedian/singer

Claudio's SpeakEasy 08.07.2007 with Claudio, Rocco and Daddio - the crooners and old-time music

Claudio's SpeakEasy 07.01.2007 with Claudio, Tom Johnson, Daddio, George, and Dan - political satire

Claudio's SpeakEasy 06.26.2007 Claudio and Tom Johnson with guest Curtis Ingram - American Music Museum

Claudio's SpeakEasy 05.29.2007 Claudio and Jon Paul interviewing Tom Johnson

Claudio's SpeakEasy 05.22.2007 Claudio and Jon Paul - world carnival music

Claudio's SpeakEasy 05.15.2007 Claudio and Jon Paul interviewing the Mayor of Lizard Lick, NC

Claudio's SpeakEasy 05.08.2007 Inaugural show hosted by Ernie Hood, featuring Claudio and Jon Paul

The Counselor's Cafe

Mondays, 10AM-11AM

Left click to listen, right click to manually download show:

The Counselor's Cafe: Stay-at-Home Dads/Tobin Logan 11-19-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Time/Readings 11-12-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Hospice/Mary Honeycutt 11-05-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Suicide Prevention/David Goldston 10-29-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Harvest a Lifetime/Readings 10-01-07

The Counselor's Cafe: 'Green' Medicine/James R. Dykes, MD 09-24-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Psychic Healing/Manuel Costa 09-17-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Prayer/Paul Nagy 09-03-07

The Counselo's Cafe: MHA/Mark Sullivan 08-27-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Nia/Lucy Hohn 08-20-07

The Counselor' Cafe: Expressive Writing/Rocco Nittoli 08-06-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Spiritual Direction/Paul Nagy 07-30-07

The Counselor's Cafe: School Psychology/John Ross 07-23-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Philosophy 101/James Coley 07-16-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Seeing Beyond Sight/Tony Deifell, Shirley Hand, Dan Partridge 07-09-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Creativity and Art/Herb Slapo 05-14-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Systems Centered Therapy 04-23-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Club Nova 04-09-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Peace Corps/Sam Brooks 03-05-07

The Counselor's Cafe: Dialectical Behavior Therapy/Dr. Meggan Moorehead 02-26-07

La Salud Familiar

Mondays, 12-1PM

Left click to listen, right click to manually download show:

La Salud Familiar Promo

17 de septiembre de 2007 - Un meimbro de Alcoholicos Anoimos, llamado Juan cuenta como la organizacion puede ayuadar a los demas personas sobre problema del alcoholsimo.

27 de agosto de 2007 - Susana Simon, una maestra de yoga, habla sobre los beneficios de yoga.

13 de agosto de 2007 - Claudia Falcón avisa como prepararse para desastres como huracanes, tormentas de hielo, y fuegos.

West End Report - The Contribution with Linda Hill

Thursday evenings 6-6:30 pm. Left click to listen, right click to manually download show.

Ronald McDonald House - September 24, 2007

Earthshare of North Carolina - September 17, 2007

Riders for Health and SWOOP (Smart Women Organizing Outrageous projects) - July 7, 2007

Special Olympics - October 8, 2007

Communities in Schools - July 20, 2007

Mothers Against Drunk Driving - June 9, 2007

Youth Drama Radio's broadcast of "Powerplay" - a live radio drama produced by 11 of Carrboro's finest young people, in conjuction with WCOM and the ArtsCenter - 2-09-07

The Nightsound Show with Chris Wimberley and Andy Campbell, Fridays Midnight til 2 AM

Podcast Feed: http://nightsound.com/radio/radio.rss

The Hook

Alysson Light Interview with Tom Arnel July 2006

Alan Garr Interview with Tom Arnel Oct. 7th, 2006

Jan Seides Interview (short clip) with Tom Arnel Oct. 14, 2006

Nikki Meets the Hibachi Interview with Tom Arnel Feb. 3, 2007

Mark Smilor Interview with Tom Arnel April 7, 2007 (turn up volume)

Carrboro Live and West End Report Thursdays ......with Doctor Dave Bellin and Kirby Zeman

NEW: Tofu Recipes!! Jerk Tofu Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Or click below to manually download speech:

Focus the Nation, interview with UNC organizers Jessie and Jen: November 15,2007.

Interview with Senior Citizen Arrestee Barry Freeman (30') Feb 08 2007

The Water Callers (Durham singer songwriters) (55'): April 27 2006

2007 Post Election Analysis with Senator Kinnaird & Alderman Coleman Nov 2007

State Senator Ellie Kinnaird with Dave Bellin's West End Report: July, 2007, May, 2007, April, 2007, March, 2007, February,2007, January 2007, December, 2006, September 2006, August 2006, May2006, March 2006, Feb 2006, Jan 2006

Carrboro Alderman Dan Coleman with Dave Bellin's West End Report: June, 2007, May, 2007, April, 2007, March, 2007, January, 2007, November 2006, October 2006, August 2006, May 2006, April 2006, March 2006, Feb 2006.

Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy with Dave Bellin's West End Report (18'14"): March 2006

Carrboro Arts Center Development Director Lauren Sacks - Future Plans & WCOM Support (12'24") artscenter2.mp3

Soundscape Movement Fest- founder Alexis Mastromichalis (12'): Soundscape Movement Fest

The Coming of Walmart to Chatham County (26'): walmart.mp3

Singing undercover CIA agent - George Shrub (25'): George Shrub.mp3

Carrboro Live with Dave Lippman May 6, 2006 (30'): Dave Lippman

Carrboro Live with Dennis Gavin - March 2, 2006 (57'): Dennis Gavin

Carrboro Live with Aerieldown - January 25, 2007 (38'): Airieldown

Orange County Coalition for Peace- Impeachment Rally 1.27.2006

Dan Pollit, Professor emeritus, gives a storied history of impeachments. (35'13"): Pollitt01272006.mp3

Al McSurely, attorney, explains legal points of impeachment. (28'32"): McSurely01272006.mp3

"Time Out" with Bill Hendrikson and Geoff Gilson - 10.08.07

Question and Answer Session. (31'11"): questions01272006.mp3

The Richard Brown Show - live 9-10 AM Mondays

Podcast Feed:  http://communityradio.coop/Podcasts/Richard-Brown-Show.xml

Click here to manually download show:

Richard Brown Show 02.27.2006

Richard Brown Show 02.20.2006

Richard Brown Show 02.13.2006

Richard Brown Show 02.06.2006

Richard Brown Show 01.30.2006 with Gail Tyree

Richard Brown Show 01.23.2006 with Emily Diane Gunter

Richard Brown Show 01.16.2006 with Ajamu Dillahunt, Muna Mujahid, Walter Davis

Richard Brown Show 01.09.2006 with guests Lucy Gorham and Chris Keeley

Richard Brown Show 01.02.2006 with guest Dr. Donna Winn

Richard Brown Show 12.26.2005

Richard Brown Show 12.05.2005

Richard Brown Show 11.28.2005


After Further Review with Jonathan Weiler and Matthew Clements - Featuring your calls! LIVE 11 AM- Noon Sundays

Podcast Feed:  http://communityradio.coop/Podcasts/After Futher Review.xml

Click here to manually download show:

After Further Review 07.09.2006

After Further Review 07.02.2006

After Further Review 06.25.2006

After Further Review 06.18.2006

After Further Review 06.11.2006

After Further Review 05.28.06

After Further Review 05.21.2006

After Further Review 05.14.2006

After Further Review 05.07.2006

After Further Review 04.30.2006

After Further Review 04.09.2006

After Further Review 03.19.2006

After Further Review 03.12.2006

After Further Review 02.26.06

After Further Review 02.19.06

After Further Review 02.05.06

After Further Review 01.29.06

After Further Review 01.22.06

After Further Review 01.15.06

GOAT Show - Good Old Any Time Show with Jim Magaw

Podcast Feed:  http://communityradio.coop/Podcasts/GOAT.xml

Click here to manually download show:

GOAT Show 02.25.2006 With musical guests the Maudlin Brothers

GOAT Show 02.11.2006 With musical guests the Carolina Catbirds

GOAT Show 02.04.2006 With musical guests Nadine and the Corn Squeezers

GOAT Show 12.03.2005 With the Carolina Chocolate Drops

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