The WebWebX whiteboard is up and running at Metalab!

What is WebWebX?

WebWebX is a collaboration server, or "whiteboard", written by Joe McMahon It is based on WebWeb, originally written by David McNicol, which was based on WikiWiki, by Ward Cummingham of Cunningham & Cunningham. WebWebX was written to extend WebWeb's security model and functionality.

What is a collaboration server?

It is a CGI application which provides a means for a group of persons to create and maintain a set of hyperlinked pages via the World Wide Web with all page editing and management is embedded within the application.

Such a server allows a group of people to do things such as:

Evolution of WebWebX

WebWebX has built upon its predecessors to provide a more flexible and secure environment. Interested parties can view the history of WebWebX and its predecessors, as well as the change logs.


WebWebX is available free of charge at this link; current version is 2.1.6 (July 24, 2000). installation page for best success in getting WebWebX to work.

WebWebX is a derivative work, drawing from WebWeb, and as such currently falls under the restrictions placed on it by David McNicol:

By downloading this package you are implicitly accepting that the University of Strathclyde makes no representations or warranties about this software, and shall not be held liable for any damages suffered as a result of use.

This program is distributed under the Perl artistic license in keeping with David's original request that this software remain free but freely available.

It is my intention to completely rewrite WebWebX from scratch, using standard Perl libraries and none of David's code, to allow me to release it as an open source program, as the "noncommercial" restriction is not acceptable under standard open-source licenses, and I feel that WebWebX will be useful to more persons if it is available to anyone on an unrestricted basis.


There is currently no official support for WebWebX. I can be contacted at mcmahon@metalab.unc.edu for questions, but I can't currently promise timely technical support. (Persons who wish to contact me to help put together a support network should do so at the address listed above.)

This is http://metalab.unc.edu/webwebx/index.html