Gris, Juan

Image Glass of Beer and Playing Cards

1913 (150 Kb); Oil and papier colle on canvas, 52.5 x 36.5 cm (20 5/8 x 14 3/8 in); Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio (DC36)

Gris organized Glass of Beer and Playing Cards according to a dominating pattern of vertical strips... A coherently silhouetted beer mug might be established by shifting the vertical band that constitutes the right side of the mug upward so that the white outline becomes contiguous with the outline of the fully modeled form of the mug to its left. But this realignment would in turn disalign the continuity between the blue curvature on the orange wallpaper and the edge of the sand to the right, both forms constituting a view from above of the beer's foam. Changes or transformations in the appearance of an object seem to occur in a number of directions: they follow the alternating rhythm of vertical bands but also the contrapuntal system of horizontal bands. Occasionally there is also a sense of transformations occurring in depth, as if Gris had peeled away the surface of certain vertical bands to reveal an alternate mode of representation or point of view beneath.
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