Married to the Military, Part 1

When people join the military, they strike a complicated bargain for their families. They get job security and opportunity- but also danger and disruption in their lives. In a similar way, towns that host military bases get mixed blessings. Fayetteville is home to the Army\’s biggest post in terms of population- with 60,000 military and civilian employees. Soldiers and families make up half the city\’s population. A new documentary, \”Married to the Military,\” takes us to Fayetteville. For decades, the city has endured a reputation as a seedy Army town with more than its share of strip clubs and pawn shops. But Fayetteville\’s leaders are trying to change that image. \”Married to the Military\” is a production of American RadioWorks, the documentary unit of American Public Media, and the Center For Documentary Studies at Duke University. Here\’s an excerpt from producer John Biewen.

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