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Train Safety/Kathryn Byer

Monday, February 28th, 2005

Train Safety: Last month, a freight train crashed in Graniteville, South Carolina, dumping its cargo of chlorine. The spill killed nine people in the rural area. What would happen if that same train derailed in Charlotte or Raleigh? Host Gail Harris looks at the safety of trains with Bruce Henderson, a reporter with the Raleigh Observer; and Ken Taylor, director of the North Carolina office of Emergency Management. (40:00)

Poet Laureate: Last week, Kathryn Byer was appointed poet laureate of North Carolina. Host Gail Harris speaks with Kathryn about the job and her own poetry. (17:30)

Train Safety
Kathryn Byer

Budget/Film Industry/Chatham County Line

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Budget: The North Carolina General Assembly has approved a $247.5 million hurricane relief package. Governor Mike Easley supports the relief package, but the amount of money is more than he had planned to spend. Host Melinda Penkava talks with WUNC capitol reporter Laura Leslie about the hurricane relief package and other details of Governor Easley’s proposed $16.9 billion state budget. (12:00)

NC Film Industry: Governor Easley’s budget includes $4 million for incentives to encourage more filmmakers to make movies in North Carolina. North Carolina used to be one of the top destinations for filmmakers, but the state has slipped in recent years. Melinda Penkava hosts a conversation about the future of North Carolina’s film industry. Guests include: Mark Schreiner, reporter for the Wilmington Star-News; and Dale Pollack, dean of filmmaking at the North Carolian School for the Arts. (20:00)

Chatham County Line: The bluegrass band Chatham County Line got their name when they got lost one day in Chatham County–and realized there was no going back. Melinda Penkava talks with band members Dave Wilson and John Teer. Chatham County Line holds a release party for their second CD, “Route 23″, on Saturday, February 26 at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh. (17:00)

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Cigarette Tax/Rosenthal/Cushman/Kalisher

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Cigarette Tax: In the budget he proposed this week, Governor Mike Easley included a 45-cent increase in the per-pack tax on cigarettes. He claims the tax will bring in much-needed revenue and reduce teen smoking. But will the increase be the panacea he hopes, or will it unfairly burden key businesses in the state? Host Melinda Penkava examines the proposed cigarette tax increase with Peg O’Connell, board chair of NC Prevention Partners; Matthew Farrelly, director of RTI International’s Public Health Economics and Policy Research Program; and Brennan Dawson, senior vice president for government relations at the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. (40:00)

John Rosenthal: Host Melinda Penkava speaks with John Rosenthal. His photography show, “Dust and Radiance,” will be on exhibit in the Isabella Cannon Room at the Center for the Arts at Elon University, from February 28th through March 30th.

Steve Cushman: Host Melinda Penkava speaks with Greensboro author Steve Cushman about his novel “Portisville” (Novello Festival Press/2004). (10:00)

Stories from Around the Globe: In a continuation of our travel stories series, monologuist Jesse Kalisher takes us to a mountain village in Africa and a church service that brought him an ephiphany plus a bunch of bananas. (3:00)

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Animal Attraction/Gore Vidal

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

Animal Attraction: Researchers at Duke University have found that male monkeys will “pay” to see pictures of female monkeys. At North Carolina State University scientists have reproduced the chemical compound that attracts cockroaches to their mates. Host Melinda Penkava talks with researchers about the applications of their studies and the possible relevance to human sexuality. Guests include: Coby Schal, professor of entomology at NC State; and Michael Platt, professor of neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center. Listener Call-in. (56:00)

Gore Vidal: Host Melinda Penkava speaks with novelist and playwright Gore Vidal, whose play “On The March To The Sea” is being performed at Duke University. (17:30)

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Editors/David Byrne/Frosh Life

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

Editorial Page Editors: Host Rusty Jacobs speaks with editorial page editors from around the state about a variety of topics, including Governor Mike Easley’s State of the State address, the debate over hurricane relief funds, and military base realignment and closure. Guests include: Tim White of the Fayetteville Observer, Mitchell Sandos of the Hendersonville Times-News , Steve Ford of the News and Observer, and Mike Walden, professor of economics at NC State University. (32:00) (JG)

Musicians In Their Own Words: David Byrne. (4:00)

Frosh Life: Host Rusty Jacobs talks with Sarah Roberts, from Duke University’s Office of Information Technology, and Varun Kumar Lella, a freshman at Duke, about the 3rd Annual Froshlife Movie Festival. (7:30) (JG)

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