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Academic Bill of Rights/NC Mutual/Biscuits

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Academic Bill of Rights: A bill making its way through the North Carolina legislature would assure fair treatment for all college students. And while it sounds simple enough, the bill is stirring up debate about ideological tolerance on campus. Host Frank Stasio gets the faculty perspective from Mike Munger, chair of the political science department at Duke University; and Judith Wegner, professor of law and chair of the faculty at the University of North Carolian at Chapel Hill. (30:00)

NC Mutual: In 1898, two men, John Merrick and Dr. Aaron Moore, founded the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company in Durham. After some early financial problems, North Carolina Mutual would become the cornerstone of the African-American business community known as Black Wall Street and by the mid-1950’s, the company was the largest black-owned business in the country. Host Frank Stasio speaks to Ray Christian, an archivist working to preserve documents and other memorabilia from the company; and Chuck Watts, corporate secretary and general counsel. (17:00)

The Tao of Biscuits: If the best part of your weekend is breakfast, you’re in luck! SOT’s food maven, Kelly Alexander lets host Frank Stasio in on the best biscuits in Chapel Hill. How would she know? Well, it turns out biscuits are Kelly’s achilles heel. Sure, she can cook the most difficult recipes in every obscure French cookbook, but the staff of life of her native south? Alas, no. But maybe listeners can help — we’re expecting good advice on making the best biscuits. (10:00)

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