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Steep Canyon Rangers

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Begun in Chapel Hill, and now based in Asheville, The Steep Canyon Rangers are fast becoming one of the nation’s best-known bluegrass groups. They join host Rusty Jacobs to talk about bluegrass and life on the road as young bluegrass musicians. And they play a few songs from their newest Rebel Records release, ‘One Dime At A Time.’ Listener Call-In.

Steep Canyon Rangers

Leg Update/Summer Food/Weekend Look Ahead

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

Host David Crabtree speaks with Laura Leslie, North Carolina Public Radio — WUNC’s capitol reporter, about what’s going on this week in the North Carolina Legislature, including the possiblity of a rise in the cigarette tax and the ongoing lobbying reform bill. (12:00)

Regular contributor Kelly Alexander returns to speak with host David Crabtree aboout North Carolina’s summer bounty: tomotoes and blueberries. Owner/Chef Bret Jennings of Elaine’s on Franklin will share his tomato recipies. And we’ll consider the summer salad and all of the ways you can cook up a tasty meal without turning on your oven or your stove (because frankly, it’s just too hot!). Listener Call-In. (20:00)

The Fifth Annual “Take Pride in Your Hide” 5K cross-country race will be held this Saturday, July 30. The race takes place at the Bar-S-Ranch in Reidsville, N.C., and clothing is optional. Host David Crabtree will talk about nude running with Gary, one of the organizers of the race. (6:00)

The American Summer Documentary Film Festival continues in Carrboro this weekend with “Extreme Roller Coasters” and Ken Burns’ documentary “The Statue of Liberty”. Host David Crabtree talks with Charleen Swansea, host of the Festival. (10:00)

Legislative Update
Summer Food
Take Pride in Your Hide
Film Festival

N.C. & China

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Tens of thousands of textile and manufacturing jobs have left North Carolina in the last ten years, many going to China. Why? And what does a stronger Chinese economy mean for North Carolina? Host David Crabtree speaks with: Peter Coclanis, chair of the history department and associate provost for international affairs at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Xinshu Zhao, professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC Chapel Hill; Leon Turner, executive director of the Granville Economic Development Commission; and Robin Visser, professor of Asian Studies, UNC Chapel Hill. Listener-Call in. (59:00)

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Penland/Blesssed Returns/Heat

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

The Penland Case: Host David Crabtree speaks with Phoebe Zerwick, reporter with the Winston-Salem Journal, and Rusty Jacobs, reporter at North Carolina Public Radio — WUNC, about the case of Rex Penland. Penland, currently on North Carolina’s Death Row, has been granted a new trial after DNA evidence called into question a key piece of the prosecutor’s evidence. Penland was convicted of raping and murdering Vernice Alford on Nov. 30, 1992. (12:00)

Blessed Returns: Host David Crabtree talks with Stuart Albright, author of the new book “Blessed Returns: A Student’s Summer in One of America’s Poorest Cities” (Mckinnon, 2005). Stuart Albright, english teacher and football coach at Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina. (20:00)

Baby It’s Hot Outside: Host David Crabtree talks to “Independent Weekly” Columnist Peter Eichenberger about the sometimes annoying, sometimes comic, sometimes annoyingly comic things people do to cope with the heat. Listener Call-In. (17:30)

Blessed Returns

The Pharmacy Crisis

Monday, July 25th, 2005

North Carolina’s Pharmacies: The nation’s demand for prescription drugs is increasing, and studies show North Carolina has the highest unmet need for pharmacists in the country. Host David Crabtree looks at conditions of the job and the state of the pharmacy profession. Guests include: David Work, executive director of the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy; Robert Blouin, Dean of the UNC School of Pharmacy; and Jim Taggart, President and CEO of the Physicians Pharmacy Alliance. Listener Call-In. (59:00)

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