Dell In The Triad

Dell In The Triad: On Nov. 9th, the Dell Computer Company accepted a $242 million tax incentive package from North Carolina to locate its new manufacturing plant in the Triad. Now, several counties are vying for the plant — by offering even more tax breaks. Host Frank Stasio talks to Justin Catanoso, executive editor of the Triad Business Journal; and Mike Walden, professor of economics at NC State University, about the Dell deal and the wisdom of tax incentives for large employers. (32:00)

Letters Segment: On Wed. Nov 17, SOT spent an hour with North Carolina born filmmaker Ross McElwee whose new movie, “Bright Leaves” chronicles his obsession with his family’s sketchy connection to a 1950’s Hollywood movie called “Bright Leaf” about two warring North Carolina tobacco families. In our occassional letters segment Host Frank Stasio speaks with Terence Fitzsimmons, son of Foster Fitzsimmons who wrote the novel “Bright Leaf,” upon which the Hollywood movie was based. (17:00)

Remembering the Greensboro Massacre: Twenty-five years ago five civil-rights activists were shot and killed in the middle of the day. The incident would later come to be known as the Greensboro Massacre. Earlier this month activists again gathered in Greensboro to finish the march that began in 1979… and to remember those who were killed. Produced by Jordana Gustafson. (3:00)

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